About BEAN

Certified AFAA Personal Trainer and Power Tumbling Coach Jillian Dworak

Jillian Dworak- Personal Trainer & Sports Coach

I have been an athlete since the age of 5. I say that because, it has brought me the most Joy in my life. I started the sport of Power Tumbling and Trampoline which I become a National and Jr. Olympic Gold Medalist within the USTA1.org and a member of the AAU. After my Tumbling and Trampoline career I went to Illinois Central College and attained an Associates degree in Applied Sciences. I then went on to West Virginia University where attained my Bachelors in Sociology. After becoming a Mom myself I went on to become a certified AFAA Personal Trainer since 2014. I have taught many clients across the United States. Coached many kids in Tumbling across this Country. I enjoy and teach handful of Group Fitness classes. An have put on Events for Health and Fitness industry. Where did Bean Come from? Well, Jillibean has been a nickname some still use. In college my roommate informed me Jilli was no longer needed and I became BEAN to many people. Some I don’t think even got my real name. So I have taken the most outgoing and energetic self and created something that has everything I love… Beauty, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition. This is why I share skincare, Makeup and beauty products. My career is about getting people to exercise. We all have attitudes and as hard as it is we have to work at staying positive. But, all means feel free to punch that punching bag while cussing! Finally, Nutrition because, it is the key to staying healthy!


Personal Training

I have gone to personal homes, gym, outdoors, welcomed clients into my home. Anywhere can be a place to workout. So that is never a problem. How many times a week is always up to you. I charge a SIMPLE $50 per hour. Online or In Person Training is Available anywhere anytime.

Group Fitness

I have taught Pound Rockout Workout, My own created Bean Body body resistance exercise that many have enjoyed and found success. Barre at a regular Ballet barre to Vertical Pole Fitness Pole. I teach an adult Stretch and Flex that incorporates my Tumbling background. If your studio is looking for a new class I would love to introduce one that I do. If your company is in need of a Workout Hour or after work workout. Let’s discuss how that can be a positive and healthy impact on your employees.

Power Tumbling & Trampoline Coach

I have started my own Tumbling Team TUMBLING BOULDERS. www.boulderstumbling.com I have been a Power Tumbler and Trampolinist almost my entire life. I now live and breath it once again. I have goals of having my kids reach Olympic level. With their dedication of course. If your child is ready to compete or just recreational fun. This sport can provide life skills and healthy exercise. If you are already competing and need a coach for Advanced and Elite skills. I am that coach. We can twist and rotate as many times as your fear can be conquered.

Online training

Been working on this for a couple years and now with the Help of Zoom and a couple other Apps we will be adding on. We can now reach anyone anywhere. Old Clients Can have me back and new client’s can discover me from 1000 miles away. From Personal Training to Online LIVE Classes I am building all this in 2020 so by 2021 we can be rocking full time online. Online Personal Training. Online Live Classes, and Workout Video’s for Purchase all coming in the week’s ahead.


California Style Fitness


I love Kim C. Owner of Cali Style, Peoria, IL. I was an Independent Instructor who taught Vertical Barre, Stretch Flex and Pound Rockout Workout! I also got a Pound Certification Held here.

WV Gymnastic Training Academy/ Curves for Women


Having moved back to West Virginia after college and living in Charlotte, NC for 4 years. I began Coaching tumbling again at the WVGTC. While in Morgantown, WV I also worked at Curves for Women.

Body Fitnes and Be you Fitness


Two Studios I taught in Illinois. Body Fitness I become Barre Certified and taught a couple months before they just shut down. Be You I was an Independent Contractor continued to teach Barre. Got a Pound Certification held where I first become a Pound Pro and taught classes.

Bean Styled/Independent Contractor

2008 – Present

Bean Styled started off as a Blog to help myself get healthier after college mentally and physically after having children. It has grown and evolved into what it is today. Micro-blogging about healthy products and ideas. While, greatly turning into an Online workout Studio and community. To have a workout that doesn’t seem so daunting is what I aim for but, has major results. Coaching that dedication to Self is extremely important. Main other work has been in the Promotional Modeling and Marketing field since 2006. I have stayed Independent working for myself in personal training client’s, group fitness, and coaching tumbling the majority since 2014

Let’s make something together.