Alternative, Worth a Try!



C.A.M.- Complementary & Alternative Medicine; A diverse medical and health care systems practices and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine.  



Today’s post is more about our well-being and how we approach our body pains, and illnesses. Conventional medicine and seeing a regular doctor is a must in our daily life. But there is research that show’s CAM methods have a way of healing physically and mentally during illness, sickness and pain. All of them our extra options to modern medicine. They should not hurt you in any way. Make sure you also check your practitioners licenses and reviews.  So it may just be a way to relax and meditate or a possible true way of healing. But It may be worth a shot to give one or more a try. Ask and Research what others have felt and been alleviated or cured of with use of these methods and techniques. Here is a brief descriptions and introduction of just a few of the popular C.A.M. methods to try if you are looking for something new and alternative to help relieve your pain, or to reach your most relaxed state of mind.



Reiki- the use of one’s Energy to help heal. Also known as energy healing, Palm or Hand Healing. Using one’s personal Life energy, to heal yourself or others. It is a meditative type practice that has ideals of maintaining a helpful and positive lifestyle to be most effective in helping heal yourself and others. There are many forms of Reiki and many hand positions to help heal many different illnesses and physical pain.



Chakra- Another metaphysical meditative therapy is Chakra (also chakro)  it includes 7 points in the human body, along major arteries, veins and nerves, that are centers of our life force’s/energy. Using Crystal energy to align the body; the Crown can be charged with clear quartz, The Third eye or Brow with Amethyst, Sodalite for The Throat, Rose Quartz for the Heart, Citrine for the Navel, Carnelian or Red Jasper for the Sacral. An Hematite for the Root. Simply laying down and resting these stones on the body and meditating and concentrating on the energy from the crystals will help balance out your body’s chakra’s.

Meditation- The Art of Focusing. Going to a deeper conscience to relax the body and mind.  Some times used to seek life answers.  A great way to reduce Stress and Grasp life’s realities and problem solving. Seeking answers, lowering blood-pressure. There are many reason people meditate and has been proven to reduce stress. Taking time for yourself in a quiet calm place may just be a great medical alternative for all of us.

Hypnosis- “Nervous Sleep”; A State of Concentration. Has been known to help stop smoking habits, aid in weight-loss, recall memories.  Yes, sometimes make people do something they normally wouldn’t do had they been in a normal state of mind, also used for personal development. Plus so much more. It is also a state of relaxation and meditation.


Acupuncture- Pain, Weight loss, infertility, stop smoking. There are many different acupuncture techniques that help with many problems in life and body. With a slight pinch of a needle and some quiet time to mediate some swear by this conventional alternative to medicine. Some say the needles pinch, others say they don’t even feel them. So I say give it a try to see what works for you.


Feet Acupressure

Acupressure- Similar to acupuncture but with no needles, is more like a therapeutic massage. Using the hands and placing pressure on certain areas of the body can help alleviate pain, to discomfort in the internal organs and other parts of the body. There are hundreds of different pressure points and techniques used to help the body in acupressure. In most cases it is a relaxing option.



Chiropractic- Besides aligning the Spine, Neck, Hips and all other joints, and helping with muscles. Chiropractic is also known for keeping the body working properly. Helping organs work properly, muscles to relax, and much more. With family who have been in Chiropractic for 50+ years now. I am a firm believer that getting a regular adjustment can help your body stay regular and healthy.



Massage Therapy

Finally, Massage Therapy. Most people think of going to get a massage as a relaxing spa treatment, but ask your therapist what it is doing to your muscles, and fluids in your body and you will be shocked. Not only does it help us detox, and release acid in our muscles to help us grow them. It releases pressure and pain for certain muscle injuries and joint problems. A deep tissue massage is actually working your muscles so much, it’s like your working out. Check out what the Mayo Clinic thinks about regular massages at this link provided here. Mayo Clinic Massages


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