Bean’s Best at Home Workout Equipment


Today we are going to share with you are favorite at home exercise equipment that everyone can afford to have at home. Along with some great work out clothes, and look for our Fitness videos COMING SOON for all the great exercises to go along with the at home exercise equipment

Here are basic and compact at home exercise equipment everyone can afford to have at home.

Kettle Bells-Find this Russian engineered weighted all with handle around $15+ and gives such a great workout. Usually associated with cross-fit training. It is something you can do in your living room and get an amazing strength training workout with great results.

Resistance Bands: Resistance training is great for building muscles. The Bands can be tied so you can use them on legs. Also, the Resistance band with handles are great for arm resistant exercises.


Dumbbells- Whatever your strength level is you can pick whatever pound limit you can personal handle. For beginning and losing weight  it’s always nice to have 5 lb and 10lbs. This way you can do as many repetitions. For example 30 arm curl’s. Once you start toning and want to build muscle you have to pick up heavier weights and do as many reps as you can, even if it is only 10 reps with 30lbs.


Pull-Up Bar ~This is such a great at home and simple exercise equipment, really easy to install in any doorway.  See how many pull-ups you can do and then you will figure out how strong your arms really are. It will also help you Set a Goal and work up your reps from there. Also it doubles as the best Ab workout ever. If your able to put your knees over the bar and hang upside down to crunch up it really gets the abs working all over and really feeling it in the lower abs. A great way to work your love handles is doing sideways crunches. No worries if that may be too much for you. If you got arm strength you can hang from the bar and bring your knees to your chest forward and sideways. That too set’s the abs on fire!


Exercise Clothes:

Victoria Secrets Sports Bra has always been one of my favorites. They are really supportive and not to mention cute/sexy whatever your looking for.  So #1 on our List for Workout Attire


Next on a search for workout pants, I landed at Old Navy and fell in love with their workout pants. That have a great hidden slot in the top great for anything little but my cell phone fits perfectly which doubles for my mp3 player these days. So it makes Old Navy workout pants a HIT! Very Convenient, comfy and adorable.Check them out your local Old Navy Store or online Old Navy


Let’s talk Sexy, Fun and Creative. Check out Reebok’s Dance Sports Bra’s. If your the fashionable type, or that dancer this is so up your ally. Take boring workout clothes up to fun and inviting and it will make you want to workout!  Way To Go Reebok!  Reebok Dance

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