Go Brown?

Going Brown…Natural? 

There are varying opinions on how bleaching our food may or may not be that big of deal, but at Bean Styled any type of changing food from its natural state is not the way we want to eat our food. This is easy way to explain “processed foods” so listen up!

Brown Rice and Grains

Starting with talking about Brown Rice. There are many different rice grains in the world. Some are naturally white, but some white rice is created by removing  the bran and germ portions of regular brown rice. Which is the majority of the rice we eat in America. From that point on we are taking a healthy natural food product and making it unhealthy. When Talking about diabetes “Replacing the same amount of white rice with other whole grains, such as barley and wheat, is associated with a 36% reduced risk.” “The study is published in the online journal Archives of Internal Medicine”(www.webmd.com)  White rice contributes to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes. So to some it can be debatable that brown rice is not any healthier but in Bean Styled’s opinion the natural state is best. The Shelling of the bran and germ is a loss of nutrients. That is not something worth stripping away with any machine or chemicals. Brown Rice is a whole natural grain, more fiber and significant more minerals.

whole wheat

So this brings us to flour. Back in the history of flour it was bleached and having white bread was a symbol of status and wealth. Well if they only knew that the poor were getting better nutrients they would have thought differently. When bleaching anything especially flour it yet again strips natural grains and nutrients. Using Whole grain flours, like buckwheat, whole wheat etc. you are gaining a much healthier bread or meal with no chemical process involved. Here’s a great tip! Brown rice can be ground up in your blender to make brown rice flour. Not only is this convenient to do and cost-effective it will be a much healthier alternative to your white flour. Just add a cup of brown rice to your blender at a time and grind to a powder. Brown rice is also gluten-free so if you have a gluten allergy this is great substitution.

Raw Sugar

Finally we talk about Sugar, and again something bleached. America get’s way more sugar in the diet than any other country and way more than we need. This is the greatest contributor to the obesity problem. (Be on the lookout for Bean Styled Recipes that substitutes sugar, oils, with other naturally sweet ingredients to sub for sugar.) Also finding products you like such as Guava Nectar, or honey which are both better natural sweeteners. Switching to the natural Raw Sugar which is naturally brown in color is a great healthy lifestyle choice. The brown comes from natural molasses in the sugar which is refined to white.  Take a look at the different sugar products at your grocery store instead of the habit of picking the white.  Bean Styled recommends trying RAW brand sugar

Obesity United States

Going back to brown and the natural state of our food can make a huge difference in how you feel. Living a healthy lifestyle geared towards natural and organic food is best to keep our bodies moving. Are bodies were not made for all the chemicals allowed to process our foods in this country. Take a look at our Obesity rate in America and realize this is the major part of the problem. Working with portions and staying away from extra sweets is the next step. But to eliminate the processed foods would dramatically decrease the statistics in more than just weight loss.

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