Eyes, Lips, Face, LOVE

Bean Styled can never get enough of E.L.F. The products are Amazingly affordable and quality does not lack. First off the Under eye concealer and highlighter is to rave about! Very light feel and conceals under eye circles completely. The highlighter is also a lightweight feel and gives a light highlight that makes eyes pop. Use on the temples, arch under brow or the brow bone. Or use under the eye before you apply the concealer for a wide awake look. Great way to de-puff eyes and instantly remove dark circles just as well as the more expensive concealers out there.


If you don’t hold the most voluminous lashes or just love to wear false lashes try elf lash kits. For the Price you can always have a pair when you are wanting to feel Glamorous or just wanting more lashes for the day.


Now it’s really no secret that clear mascara is also used to tame eyebrows and E.L.F. knows this too! Their double ended Clear Lash and Brow Mascara is genius. The Brushes are two different sizes which is the important part, and labeled for eyes and brows.The eye makeup process just got easier!


If you love options  E.L.F.’s Elements is a great way to customize your own makeup palettes. Refills which are magnetic and pop right in and out, easy and FUN 



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