Sonia Kashuk Must Have Beauty Tools

Sonia Kashuk has got it! You ever wonder how make-up artist get that outstanding perfect eye liner application, whither it be cat eyes or a simple outline of the eye?!

Here it is Made Simple, Sonia Kashuk Angle Liner Brush is a blessing! The Bristles are soft, yet durable, just wash out every evening with your brush cleaner, or water and little antibacterial soap and let air dry. This will be a tool forever in my Make-up Bag. Allowing a more steady hand, it makes applying liquid and Gel liners a lot easier.



For Your Pencil Liner Sonia Kashuk has her double small and big sharpener which I’ve had for years and has yet to dull and has a clear top to let you know it’s full and needs emptied and real easy to wipe clean and dry.



Another Must Have Tool is Sonia’s Brow and Lash Dual Comb. It’s compact, durable and quality brush for your brows. Even better is the  Thin METAL eyelash comb. Yes metal so be careful but absolute way better than the plastic ones.  Can’t rave enough about this tool, it separates lashes for mascara application and removes any built up clumps like no other eyelash comb.


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