Major Beauty Reviews an Fashion Comeback!

To end this crazy winter Here are some great products tested and reviewed. Bean Approved gentle for skin.

-Nip and Fab No Needle Fix Serum-Instant skin plumper.  Absolutely a great brand we have been using lately. Check out our prior article for a review on Nip and Fab glycolic face wipes. Add this to the routine and you will see brighter more plump hydrated younger looking skin. The Cell Active ingredients firms wrinkles

Osilift-“A purified fraction of 100% natural polyoses derived from oats, OSILIFT® is a three-dimensional high-molecular weight network made of complex sugars linked by intra- and inter-chains hydrogen bonds. Being both elastic and flexible, OSILIFT® strongly and durably adheres to the skin and spreads on it to form a continuous and cohesive lifting film.”-Reference on Osilift

 Indinyl which is made from cassia angustifolia, a native Indian plant. That is used in cosmetics as a moisturizer that hydrates and softens skin. You can use it day and not without any irritation. If you have real sensitive skin I recommend during the day time. Put on before your moisturizer it not only plump’s wrinkles it adds a great highlighter to your makeup routine also thanks to the mica in the ingredients. Other natural ingredients such as pyrus cydonia seed extract for more hydration, mangosteen peel extract which is known for it’s moisturizing properties for skin specifically those who suffer from eczema  (which mangosteen is also a great aid in healthy weight loss check out vemma and other major health products). Give this product a couple of weeks when used at least once a day and you will see a brighter improvement in skin. It also may seem that the smaller lines around mouth and eyes are diminishing. The best part is the product plump’s skin and hydrates instantly so with or without makeup you have a great fresh healthy and vibrant look.

Pantene Ampoule 5 Pack- A product we literally ran back and wipe the shelf clean! This product feels better than even the deep conditioning treatments you get at the Salon. A yes we love them to and that sounds crazy but this product is A++ Bean Approved. The reason we prefer the curly hair professional series is because it adds in amino polymer which helps fill in cuticle’s that have been lifted. The ampoule’s help resurface, restoring a healthy shine and protecting strands from damage. After Shampooing apply on strands and leave 5 minutes. Your hair will feel so smooth and silky just like Satin after one use! I recommend using at least once a week.

Yes To Carrots Face Wash. Great for sensitive skin suffers this is by far the best product on shelves that does not leave skin dry or feeling stretched. Pores look noticeably smaller after one wash. This product deep cleans so well. Certified organic and 95% natural we love the product even more knowing there are no harsh chemicals allowed. Thanks to Pumpkin fruit extract, and Aloe this is a super hydrating cleanser that still does a great job deep cleaning without leaving skin to oily or to dry! Practically perfect! A great product for this drying winter season. #yestomovement  An should provide a balanced skin care routine for summer. This product seems to be something to use year round.

EOS- Evolution of Smooth; lip balm in: Summer fruit

Lips get dry in winter and this product is amazing, organic, and works! Yes we are a little behind for everyone has been raving about these little pods for some time. But with them not going anywhere we had to grab one to see what the rave is all about. Not only do you get your money’s worth as far as how much product you get but you are getting a healthy natural lip balm. Anything that goes on the lips and can be ingested needs to be thought of carefully. Not only did the name remind us that summer is on its way but the smell is delightful! With Shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil, olive fruit oil, sunflower seed oil, blueberry fruit extract, strawberry fruit extract, peach fruit extract, plus other natural ingredients this product is certified USDA 95% organic and 100% natural. Made in the U.S.A. and Gluten Free. It actually improves lips while smoothing them. Also no doubt the packaging makes it cute and a fun beauty product.

Victoria’s Secret has us swooning over two great products that are in-store but we can’t seem to find them online. So that being said, if you see these products they are worth swooping up fast. Plus we would LOVE to thank VS for switching up the ol free panty coupon for a full size body spray for March 2014! So if your VS VIP get your coupon and try Pure Seduction plum and freesia the combination makes a great smelling combo! Great for after workout spray when leaving the gym and have a few errands to run. Or of course anytime you step out of the shower with skin softening ingredients like Aloe and chamomile this body spray is great anytime you need refreshed.

VS Beauty
First let’s talk about VS Rockin Body Perfecting Cream– Don’t let the color scare you off. We were a little worried ourselves but it is like a Tinted moisturizer that blends in very well (worked great even on my pale skin). It gives a concealer like coverage that blends in seamlessly. The mica and luminous diamond powder ingredients gives the perfect highlight and shimmer without going over board and looking like you dumped glitter on yourself. Added bonus of vitamin E and Shea butter gives your skin added hydration. Really enjoyed this product and could easily become a new favorite. If you are on stage or a Pageant that is going to be showing off those legs and shoulders this product works wonders at smoothing out any imperfections. Problem is we could not find it online so be on the look out at your local store.

Secondly, Make It Last Prime and Set Makeup Spray, a Primer and Setter in one it guarantees 8 hours of no smudge makeup! Under makeup provides a smooth seamless application while over makeup holds it in place so no smudging of mascara, lipstick or wiping off any makeup. Your makeup looks as fresh as when you applied it. By the end of our 6 hour night my makeup still looked flawless. Really felt this product is a miracle product.One of the best primers and it is in a spray. Just extend your arm and spray. It dries fast, does not feel sticky or ruin the makeup application. Another product we searched for online and again came up short. So be on the look out in your local boutique.

These warmer days and melting snow only makes us hope for spring to come a little faster. We have hit most major trends in our last article for Spring 2014. But one trend we thought may hold out til Fall has made a major Come Back!


That’s right! The original favorite cargo comfy pant, in which most of us remember throwing a sweater over top, or a shirt tied around the waist.  Sorry to say it, but the 80’s-90’s trend will be huge. With cute pattern’s, detail’s with rhinestone, spikes, studs, and worn out rips and tears. Short’s, capri, and long pant lengths. Only to expand this Fall with the trend and can expect more styles. Everyone will be wearing those famous suspenders again! An admittedly we are a little excited about rocking a pair of bibs/overalls again! These new styles are more relaxed, more details, and many more blouse and top styles to work with. Even wearing a pair of heels, it will work great with the grunge, and hippie/boho trend this spring and summer. Keep your eyes peeled an if you’re a bib lover. Find a cute pair of shorts for summer and be on the look out for new pant styles this fall.

Springs right around the Corner, We can’t wait to see all the seasons style. Send us your Spring outfits  hashtag your #OOTDBEANSTYLED or OOTNBeanStyled on Instagram that you’ve picked up and waiting to wear this spring or email at   and get featured on our Social media sites.

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