Rock 2014 with Style

The Fashion style and trends appearing for Spring 2014 is all about how you  “Rock it” with Confidence and Strength! Chose your pick, Grunge for your inner rock goddess or Boho for your inner Groovy laid back chick style! An all the classy pieces in between. This season is about being polished yet relaxed. An if you are that sporty chick. There will be a lot of fashion for you to work with this season, Like the T-shirt and skirt combo, or a Maxi Dress with a Biker Jacket. Get ready to have a few key pieces and endless combinations.

Let’s Start off with Color:

Pastel’s always come in during Spring. This year Orchid according to Pantone is the big hit. Others say Pink will be in, and we say pink is always in for spring and summer. Bean Styled Predicts there will be a lot of Yellow along with White which was making a huge come back this fall. An Spring will just bring more of the daring color. Some say it is an accent color. Some are to afraid to wear it. White is a Strong Color and for Confidence. Women who wear white can feel just as powerful as those in Red and Black. This year pastels have a calm matte tint to them. Which brings in a great vintage appeal. Look out Nude and Au natural beauty and makeup for it will be a huge hit in clothing style, makeup and  nails.


Patterns and Details—

Floral Galore! If you are into the flower patterns grab up pieces this spring. With more options from big to small patterns. Even those who are not typically a fan of floral may end up finding something fitting.


Detail this Spring is all about the Rocker chick in you. From Studs to Spikes, and rhinestone mixed with pearls. You can go from grunge Rock to, Classy, and end with Boho chic thanks to all the crochet and lace mix. Past season have been about lace and sheer fabrics. An thou spring 2014 still has those details knit and crochet is on Top.

Also GOLD detail will be seen on clothing to accessories. A major item this spring will be a Gold belt. It’s being styled in every ad, magazine, and store window.  A great way to top off the outfit is a Chunky Gold Necklace or Bracelet which will be another favorite of many this summer. Great way to accessories and keep it simple.


If you love ripped jeans, this season is all for you! So many grunge and punk style’s. Finally, look out for sharp lines. In clothing, accessories like shoes and sunglasses. It’s all about funky lines and shapes.


Major PICK-UP Items!

-White Dress or Skirt, This WILL be the Hot item of summer. Usually come spring every woman wants a cute little white dress (LWD) This season with the BoHo trend there are already so many relaxed choices for daytime and family events. With the Rocker vibe going on there are Cute Cocktail dresses that have never looked better in White. Everyone wants to go to black for the easy escape. White is Bright, it makes you stand out, and bring a Classy strong confidence to women when they find out how they can pull it off. If a dress is too much white, try a skirt. Angled Line fold over skirts (Egyptian style) are a huge trend this season and we can’t wait to personally pick one up in White!


This spring a big item coming back is the Poncho. In so many different fabrics and patterns. Ponchos are cuter than ever. An a great piece to have for the office or home just relaxing. Or maybe a brunch with the girlfriends. Even a delicate detailed Poncho can be work to your Black Tie Event substituting the shawl. A more modern cover up for women of today’s fashion trends.

One’s with many different patterns are already showing up and we hope to even see ones with some small detail or glitz! The Poncho will most likely carry thru to fall. So if you see one you absolutely have to have, Bean Styled say’s go for it. You will wear it all year-long and even if it goes out of “Style”. They are comfy and warm so you can never go wrong relaxing in your Poncho!


~Crop Top Love! For the past couple season the crop top has been sneaking its way back in main stream fashion. With different lengths, arm and neck cuts, fabrics, patterns, almost anyone can wear a form of Crop Top. The trick is to find one that fits your body type.


~Shoe Time. It’s all about patterns and colorful heels. Again if you’re looking for a cute floral heel. It will be easy to find. Booties are big for spring and summer. An Boots don’t seem to be leaving the heat. Still a lot of Biker Chic Style Boots to love this Season An since we love our booty heels. We may just have to find the perfect cut-out pair. Talk about a way to bring the normally fall/winter shoe up to spring and summer. Breezy and cool, and looking like lace, crochet, or lattice work. The cut out style goes great with all the trends this spring, classic everyday, and great for the boho/hippie chic styles.


Finally let’s talk hair. It is all about the BOB! Every celebrity has been chopping at their locks. So if your into the trend hit up your local boutique while all the stylist are getting their fair share of practice. If your not ready to go short. There is a new angled longer bob that is very sleek and modern. If you like to style your hair everyday having an angled bob can be a lot of fun. Note, if you want it short and cool for summer and back to growing out for Fall best time to do it is now. It’s all about the natural look. Long or short hair loose waves are a favorite. That beach girl hair is in, and thanks to the salt infused sprays available you can recreate that same volume even if you do not live near a beach. This is one product we have not used much of or spent time researching or trying. So we will be trying a hand full the next few months and by summer we will let you know what’s Bean Approved. A great way to create loose waves is to simply wrap your hair around the outside of the curling iron. Or separate into two pigtail’s when damp, and wrap hair around finger to make ringlets and let air dry. If you don’t have enough time. Use a hair dryer and make sure you are aiming the blower dryer down, blowing air down not up. Up will break hair cuticle and cause frizz.
Here are a few products to help hydrate skin. After this winter a lot more of us are in need of skin hydration. Best way is always drink your water. Next, here area a few products to consider trying:

First we are absolutely loving Garnier Skin Renew Intensive Dark Spot Treatment Mask. A 10 minute tissue mask. That left our skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and soft! With natural Ingredients that are high in Vitamin C to help rid dead skin and dark spots an other moisturizing natural ingredients. This mask has become a once a week in are personal skin care arsenal.



We have been waiting to try this product line. Thanks to Target Nip and Fab is now sold on shelves in the U.S. We picked up first the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Treatment Pads. 2.8% Glycolic acid to help re-texture, and resurface skin. Just the right amount of Glycolic acid it is safe for sensitive skin and should be able to use everyday. Natural Witch Hazel to tone, Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturize and protect against wrinkles, and Blue Daisy a anti-inflammatory extract also known to help fight wrinkles is in the product to brighten, smooth, and calm skin.

Absolutely love this product in place of the recent toner being used. Great for winter to help fight dryness but a great product to help fight wrinkles. My skin has felt more hydrated and with no stinging or pulling sensation. Love it so much, we recently picked up the No Needle Serum so look for that in our next Review we having coming next week of 2-4-2014


Finally let’s end with hair. It’s been all about loose curl’s with Volume.

Sexy Hair – Style Sexy Hair Spray Clay not only allows for great building. It has no sticky after feel. You can easily maneuver strands, re- curl, and not worry about stiff hair. This product will be great for Spring, and those loose curls, and beach waves! Bean Approved and Loved A Must Try


Just Hang in there Stylista’s The Sun Shine is Coming!  ~Bean Styled

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