Bean Styled Fav to Rave about Products

Admit it! Some of us just  hate hairspray. The smell, stickiness, or added weight it seemed to add.  Searching the hair care aisle Bean Styled came across Hair Spray by Suave, Professionals Touchable Finish Hair Spray.

Suave’s Touchable Finish has a unique building formula. It has such a fine mist that if you need a little hold or a strong hold, you can control the amount you put on a lot easier than a huge blast shooting out at you. Also, without the weight and stickiness.  Also for an added bonus it has a humidity defense that protects against frizz and Fly away’s! What more could you want in your Hair spray!

Hair spray has come along way. Suave Professionals deserves a round of applause on this hair spray. Anyone who shy’s away for all reasons stated above and more. Give Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Hairspray a Try, think you will be pleasantly surprised!

Every woman has a certain makeup product that they religiously buy and Love. One of Bean Styled’s has to be Eyeliner from Victoria Secrets. Limited Edition Kajal eyeliner in Hypnotic Black.  Having used many eyeliner’s over the years this Is Fabulous! Not many words needed to express how smooth yet easy to apply without smudging. Tip: Use an angled eyeliner brush to pull the color across your eyelid and makes it easier to create your Cat eye.  I could only hope this LE item becomes a regular. It’s product is Smooth and build-able great for a thin line to thicken the lashes or a thick cat eye which is really popular.

I love the product even more because of the exotic packaging. After learning a little more about Kajal eyeliner it really makes your feel exotic; like Cleopatra when you’re Wearing it. So Try it my Queen’s and You shall fall in love. The only downside is that it is really hard to keep that point at the end.

Here’s a little info on Kajal Cosmetics and History. Kajal

Yes to Cucumbers Facial cloth’s are not only perfect for travel, late mornings, but the natural wipes that need no water to rinse are perfect for time-saving and good for the skin! You could not ask for a product to be easier to use plus easy on your sensitive skin. These are definitely a Bean Styled Favorite, they take off make-up better than any Wipe Bean Styled has tested date.

It is always important to mention there is more to beauty than looks and the products we use. Take a note from companies like Say yes to Carrots, and Cucumbers and make sure we are eating enough of our recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  Make sure you get enough Water, the number one skin saver. The most important start to beauty starts on the inside, with healthy eating and Exercise.  So get out in nature and be active!

REVLON MOON DROPS Lip Conditioner feels so luscious on the lips. Think of what Moon Drops might feel like and that’s how glossy it makes them look and how soft and smooth it makes them feel! Great to soften lips alone, or use under your lipstick for smooth application of color with no chapped look.

If you are looking for a product that will help reduce the signs of wrinkles, dark spots, and to brighten, smooth and firm your skin. Here it is, a medical strength at home Glycolic peel that is easy to use and feels great on the skin. Treats like a Chemical Peel with out the redness, and harsh products, and is still 5 X’s stronger than other at home peels.

The Brazilian Peel is pro strength glycolic with Acai Anti-oxidant facial treatment. With a twist of the cap, and added by small amounts to the top of the hand and mixing it together with clean fingers, sponge, or clean foundation brush. Every lady should have a foundation brush for foundation and one for moisturizer, mask, and other skin care products. Just remember to always wash them out when you are done, and let air dry.

If you have not noticed all the Acai coming to health and beauty products yet, you should be now. Acai- from Acai Palm Trees, in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has 33 X’s more antioxidant’s than Red Wine Grapes! Rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E, and Omegas 3, 6, and 9, it has the anti-oxidant power of reducing damaging free radicals from everyday pollutants. Native Brazilians believe it has great healing and nutritional properties.

The Kit comes with 4 tubes 1 usage. Either set in one setting used on Face, Neck, Decollete, and Chest. Or if you just prefer to use it on Face and Neck you could get use out of the rest by putting it on the back of your hands.

Always remember, and this product does say, you must apply SPF after applying. Especially if you plan on going outside in the sun, your skin will be sensitive to the suns rays. Don’t plan to lay out or go to the beach with in that 24 hours after to be safe.

Find it at Sephora; Bean’s favorite beauty store, or online.  Recommend the Brazilian Peel to Women and Men alike. Find out more uses for the Brazilian peel on their Facebook Page!

Talk about a Revolution!!! imPress  press on nails are Amazing, Bean Styled says: Best Beauty Invention in Years!

They have literally lasted 5 days and still going strong.  The promise of a Week is true!  Cut your salon trips in half.  With ImPress Manicure you have the most beautiful nails, No drying Time, and So much money saved. Instead of paying $100+ a month for your nails to be done, You could change-up the designs every week and have great looking nails for less than $40 a month. That is worth the Try!

Let’s not fail to mention how easy they are to get off, Just let soak in lid of your remover for a couple minutes and they pop right off, No Pain!  Also because we care about our Earth the Nail polish like bottle is so perfect to recycle. Put rhinestones, buttons,  hair ties, Bobbi pins, just think of all the little things in life you could put in there and recycle is always beautiful for mother earth.   Can you Say Totally IMPRESSED!!!

Lip Scrub:  Victoria Secrets PRO Smooth FX Scrub and Balm! Not only a great scrub but you get the added balm as a Bonus! Use the scrub every 2-3 Days, and used a warm damp wash cloth to scrub and wipe it off after a good 30 second scrub session. The Balm is smooth and you can feel it working on your lips right away!

Bean Styled Loved because of all the natural ingredients.

In the Scrub: Sugar, Soybean Oil, Olive, Oil, Jojoba Oil, JoJoba seed oil, licorice root extract.

In the Balm: Mango Seed Butter, Olive Fruit Oil, Soybean Seed Extract, Mineral Oil, Aloe extract, Camellia

Sinensis Leaf Extract (leaf’s and leaf buds from plants that make Tea such as Green Tea), Myrica Rubra Fruit Extract (lip conditioner), Litchi Chinensis Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffe flower extract.

For $16 and getting both scrub and balm That’s a Deal to Try Today!

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