Your Favorite New Workout Gear or Headphones?!

From college students walking back and forth to class, someone who works-out, or that stay at home mom who can now clean with some motivation. Also, a Great pull over for Walker/Runners specifically in the colder months. The Dolman Hoodie Buddie is the Best Invention since the portable cassette player, and the Best Accessory to cell phones Everywhere!

Ear Phones and Pull over Hoodie in one, it could not get any better! Besides more pattern and fabric choices.

Bean Styled has worn and washed the Dolman Hoodie Buddie and it still works Great so no worries on how the headphones are going to work after many washes. We have had ours for over a year and they work just like Day 1. The sound is great, like or better than any other $20 head phones. One Rule: DO NOT DRY IN DRYER, reason being it rips out the head phone wires!!!! We have put multiple cell phones into it and so far the Dolman Hoodie Buddie is universal. We purchased from  JCPenneys and can only hope they catch on an sell in more stores!

Grab one today at

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