Hydration is Beautiful!

Here is another Over-Haul of Bean Approved Beauty Products!

The search for foundation is never-ending.  and with the cold, dry weather the  best hydration foundation we have found yet is  Shiseido Advanced Hydro Liquid Foundation with Spf 15, medium coverage that when applied feels so fresh, cool and the smoothest formula. No flaking, or dry patches. Last All Day! Leaves a Lustrous look, not chalky, powdery, or dull. A New Favorite! An anyone with dry skin a cream foundation will work best for you.

After those long days it is great to relax. Try doing a mask 2-3 times a week. Some of the best come from Freeman Beauty. Adore the Blue Agave Facial hydrating Mask   -Hydrates thirsty skin.  This mask felt so luxurious we went and bought a few more. Just relax for 15-20 minutes, take of mask and then gently pat the rest into skin. Skin feels completely hydrated and moisturized. Great anytime mask, but we enjoyed it at night before bed. Waking up with glowing skin.

Winter really dries out skin. If you are looking for dramatic moisture. You must try Illamasqua Hydra Veil Re-hydrating Gel. Part moisturizer part primer. Allows makeup to stay 24 hours if needed and reduces pore size and any dry skin that causes the appearances of lines or wrinkles. Calms and refreshes the skin. It feels cool and absolutely luxurious on skin. It helps makeup apply even and smoothly. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates so you can feel good about what you are putting on your skin. In love with this product it will become a regular staple in our beauty arsenal.


At home hair color has Stepped up it’s game thanks to Revlon Luxurious Color Silk. Hair felt healthier after and the feeling lasted more than 24 hours. Not just a couple of days, it has now been a week. The color has lasted and Happy with the results! Great for in between salon colors and touch-ups. The pigments are not for drastic change yet for natural color and look. A+ for Revlon, for finally found an at home color safe for the stylista on a budget. It is not the most expensive on the department store shelf, but it is the Best. So don’t let the price tag fool you. Some of those more expensive at home hair colors have been tried by Bean Styled and yet to be approved.

We finally tried Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo-a “mild luxurious Cleanser for Softness and shine” Great for chemical lovers and over processed hair.  Lathers Great, Smells Amazing! Paired it with Super Rich Conditioner– “luxurious balm for parched, processed, over exuberant hair. leave in 1 minute then rinse. The conditioner was rich and simply smelled amazing! Left hair smooth, soft, an frizz free. Fell in love with Bumble and Bumble we are excited to try more products.

The FAB Facial Radiance Pads  Daily Essential (that is now a daily essential in our facial routines) Exfoliates, Tones, & Brightens.  benefits Improves skin clarity, reduce pores, diminishes fine lines!

 It get’s better the products are designed for the most sensitive skin issues.  Alcohol Free, paraben free, and with other natural ingredients such as Aloe, white tea, mandarin and other fruit extracts. It contains the Right amount of lactic and glycolic acid to Exfoliate Everyday! Cucumber and Indian Gooseberry Tone while the natural Lemon Peel and Licorice Root Brighten and Glow.

Shiseido new 3 Piece IBUKI skincare Kit. The cleanser is gentle. The concentrate is almost like water yet not a gel, and feels amazing when it hits your skin. The moisturizer is very hydrating and leaves skin feeling soft and looking healthy. It all feels amazing on the skin. An about two weeks use their was a dramatic improvement in skin tone looking more even and flawless. Pores may not be able to shrink completely but black heads were greatly improved.

Next up is the Conair Infinity Pro! Like any new electronic device is takes some getting used to. But once you figure out the forward and reverse button this handy device will be your new best friend. Adds volume way better than your regular hair dryer and round brush. Great for Layers and Bangs. Still used a straight iron to make the ends of hair piecey.  But it leaves hair smooth with less frizz and seem to work better at taming the frizz an fly away’s better than a normal hand-held hair dryer. It is literally drying, straightening and curling all at the same time. It has a “Cool” feature so you can make soft loose fabulous curls with this spin brush. So many styles can be done with this handy tool. It is used every week at Bean Styled and absolutely Lovin it! Tired of paying someone for a Blow Out. Here is the best Blow Out you can have right in your own home!

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