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 Bean Styled started the 2013 summer out in the wonderful city of New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is the perfect place for vintage stores and amazing boutiques. No city has so much history and influential glamor about the 1920’s and 30’s Fashion Industry than any other city. NOLA was the place to be then and it definitely deserve a spot on your bucket list today. Not even Chicago or New York could compare to the swinging good times and fashion New Orleans had at their fingertips during that era.

If your into vintage New Orleans is a must stop. Besides all the estate and vintage jewels, a Chanel No. 5 vintage bottle still filled with perfume sits in a Royal Street Window just makes us smile and daydream while window shopping downtown. I think of how laid back this southern city is and how people just seem to enjoy life at ease. An Really at ease, don’t expect to eat at a restaurant and get our within an hour. No one is in a rush here.  You don’t need much to be happy in New Orleans.You’ll find a friend on the street corner waiting for you to come join in on their entertainment. An almost every place we visited or people we talked to downtown New Orleans were very kind. It seemed magical, a mystery to be explored and the only way to feels its magic is to head on down to the big easy. It was a second visit for Bean Styled to this city and a favorite to always visit, there is no city like New Orleans.

Let’s start off the beaten path and direct yourself down to Magazine Street. If you are looking for great Boutique shopping, vintage shops, Ice Cream, Candy stores, and great restaurants! You will find costume stores, antique shops and some amazing shoe stores.


Hungry? The Rum House on Magazine is O So yummy and the price on food is just as appealing. The real cost comes on their selection of fine rum and other fun drinks. A great stop for lunch or dinner during your stroll on Magazine. Which is around 6 miles long and filled with fashion and fun. Once you reach the end enjoy the Audubon Zoo.  This is also a kid friendly place if you visit during 9-7 normal family dinner hours. Magazine street becomes a fun more calm party itself every night with local bars and of course great music. You want to be more of a local hang out on Magazine St. The boutiques and shops close around 5 and 6pm so Magazine Street is a good daytime activity.


American Apparel has been around for a while but Bean Styled finally stepped in one down in New Orleans and fell in love. They have simple and basic pieces, which pick a top and bottom then make a month’s worth of outfits with what you already have in your closet. The Best Part. MADE IN AMERICA  AmericanApparel Website

Our next favorite store was Bella and Harlow! The store was roomy, chic, and modern vintage apparel. Now Bean regret’s not buying that dress she wanted but did score that cute bow handkerchief  headband that we have been searching for. Find them on FaceBook if you can’t make it to New Orleans.

The Zoo which sits at the very end of Magazine street. Also you will find our favorite grocery store Whole Foods on Magazine street right down from the Pita Pit. Just another great healthier fast food pick enjoyed by Bean Styled.

Of course you can’t go to New Orleans without talking about downtown and Bourbon Street. Which of course is fun, but there is so many great shopping spots downtown. If you love jewelry, nature, and all things that sparkle. You have to stop into Earth Odyssey! Like the rock store every town wishes they had. Geodes, crystals, jewelry everyone will find a piece of nature to fall in love with here. Absolutely gorgeous as soon as you step in the door. Bean Styled purchased a beautiful Rainbow Fluorite you can find on our INSTAGRAM

Next is the Gem and Lapidary Shop. Bones, geodes, crystals, jewelry. Another Fun Shop full of mother nature.

Next you must stop into Lima Sterling on Royal Street. Absolutely unique and beautiful sterling jewelry! Most things are hand-made and the man behind the counter is oh so friendly. Royal street also has vintage stores with estate pieces. Amazing Art gallery’s some with the most Amazing chandelier’s you could stare at all day.

Another fun store we found was Simply Fashion.  They had the latest fashion at the fashionista price. Great place to buy the latest Summer Trends. Since we have recently took our travels to Atlanta we have found another Simply fashion. A store new to us so look to see if you have a local store close to you at   When you do make sure you sign up for their Simply Fashionista Rewards!

Finally, Earthbound Trading Company was a store we personally just discovered. Instantly fell in love and when the day comes to decorating your home this is a must check out!  A company who strives to have pieces that are from nature, cultural, and unique.  Hard to believe their could be anyone who would not find something they needed from Earthbound Trading.  What was Bean Styled’s first purchase…. well Peacock feathers to decorate a Vanity,  and some sage, you never know when you will need to do a good cleansing! Find a local Earthbound near you on their website Earthbound Co.

So if your planning a vacation getaway take a look at New Orleans. Culture, Fun for family or the singles. Great History and of course Great Shopping. Take a River Cruise on the Queen Creole. Still the place to find the Best Modern Day Vintage!

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