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When you think of health food most people think, loss of flavor. Here are a few healthy before/after workout, or a perfect  mid-day snack. These protein bars are worth the bite.
IMG_20140406_105324     First up is Kind Bars. Bean’s absolute favorite snack bar. Has a good amount of protein but these bars are geared to having a healthy, energy providing snack. Comes in many nuts, fruits, and flavors. They keep producing new flavors that are all natural, and delicious. A Must Try! Look for them at Target, Kroger, and the VitaminShoppe.

Bear Naked Energy

Next up is Bear Naked bars. These break up like a rice krispie treat. And oh so yummy. Of course we had to try the Chocolate PB one. It isn’t to dry and the sweetness makes it seem like a guilty treat. Have a glass of milk and it is almost better than a chocolate chip cookie.



Finally for the bars, we tried Designer Whey bars. These are probably the most dry out of all we sampled. But the taste was great. High amount of protein this bar is great before or post workout.
If you’re looking for an actual protein shake. Bean Styled highly recommends EAS Complete Protein Nutrition Shake Mix and EAS Mypolex. You can buy them in four packs. But the 2 lb tubs are not crazy expensive like some other brands. It dissolves and mixes better than any protein shake out there. Of course, the best part is that is taste great. Again a chocolate lover we tried that flavor and was not disappointed. An a major bonus is that this shake mix is also geared towards bone health, digestive, energy and metabolism, and immune support. Absolute all around A+ Protein Mix. An here’s a Tip. Get on their website and score some money-saving coupons!

Bear Naked Energy

Better Oats Steel Cut Oatmeal with Flax Seed is Delicious and we area having it just about every morning. The Steel Oat is the whole unrefined oat. So no processing makes it whole grain and healthy. Unlike oatmeal they process the grain to remove the shell which you lose much nutrition. 

Organic Honey

Learn to switch it up naturally with blueberries, bananas, cinnamon and sugar, fruit, nuts granola the possibilities are endless. Or try honey, and specifically Simply Nature Organic Honey. The best tasting store-bought honey you can find on shelves. You will never get bored, continuous different flavors for your palette. The oatmeal with Flax and Chia seeds will keep you full all day with energy.


Pirates Booty!

If you have not heard of the best puffs around. You have heard NOW. Pirate’s Booty is not only an all natural healthy snack. It’s great for the kidos too. Instead of sitting down for family movie night with a bag of buttery cholesterol clogging popcorn. Switch to Pirates Booty with a flavor everyone is sure to enjoy.






Now let’s discuss some Fitness Fashion and some useful accessories every one could use to step up their work outs. First up the Arm Bands for Cell phones are worth it. Runners, Lifting. An especially for trainers who may need to look at the clock when needed. It’s convenient, and actually a useful fitness accessory to have.
Next up, the Neoprene Belt. Women take note. Extra water weight, that time of month bloating,  more than one cheat meal in a week. This is a way to shred water weight quick, and help burn extra calories to produce that definition. Bean Styled is a #maxximista so both of ours were found at TJMaxx for much cheaper than Retail price of course!  Bean Styled is here to make sure you look fab during your workouts. We believe having fun, cute workout clothing is a necessity and helps get people motivated and wanting to work out. So follow, like, and keep up with Bean Styled. We will show you where to purchase, and what the latest Fashion trends are in Fitness.


stir-up pants are back… Barre Style!
Old Navy

Finally for today, let’s talk about stir-up. No not your 1980’s type of stir-up’s, but almost. These are yoga pants with stir-ups that are perfect to workout in, dance, yoga or Pilates. Found this pair at Target. But keep your eye out. This Fitness Fashion will be popular and we can only hope for more on shelves with prints and patterns. Best part they are beyond comfortable.  Also check out Old Navy. They have great sales on their workout apparel just keep your eye out. Bean Styled stylist scored capris, and two pair of running shorts with built-in liners, and an earphone/key pocket. Good fun prints, long-lasting material so either way worth your money.  Having fun workout clothes is a great motivator. You’ll want to put them on and hit them gym. The world is your runway has a whole new meaning now! Leave the Black for your LBD(little black dress)




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