At Home Spa

Spa Day

No matter what’s going on in life, funds  low, no time, or just to tired. There is no excuse for not taking care of yourself. To be able to fully care for others we must first care for ourselves. Don’t neglect the mind. Meditation has a way of healing. Take an hour out for yourself every once in a while and we promise you will feel relief. Here is how to have a wonderful spa day/night right in your very own home.

Fruit Detox staying Hydrated

First, set up the home spa with candles, start some aroma therapy, and have your detox water ready that you prepared the night before.  Not just something to have on spa nights but  in your fridge all the time. Just cut up fruit and vegetables like strawberry, kiwi, and cucumbers. Put them in a pitcher of cold water over night. Add ice to a glass and fill letting any fruit fall into the glass. Not only will this keep you hydrated you’re getting the benefits of the antioxidants as well.

Getting everything ready:

Healthy Nails

Go Throw a couple of towels in the dryer so they can get nice and warm!

Get out all your Nail goodies. Polish, file, cuticle oil, clippers etc, both for hands and feet. Make sure nails are free of old polish.

Set aside your facial mask of choice, with brush, 2 towels, and a headband to hold back hair. Or just towel wrap hair

Foot Bath: Get your water in nice and HOT. But do not put your feet in yet. Feel free to add essential oils for you favorite aromatic aroma and benefit such as orange or lemon to help natural peel off dead skin.

Set Up your facial steamer and Towel. Again if you really enjoy aroma therapy feel free to add 1-2 drops of your favorite oil to your steamer.

Paraffin Dip: Turn your paraffin dip on.

Paraffin Dip

Now that you have it all set up and ready to go, Let’s Begin…

First take a warm shower or soak in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Do your normal routine and get squeaky clean. If you want to incorporate a great hair mask into the routine this would be the time to do it. Just condition ends of hair, or from the nape down to ends. Put on a plastic shower cap then wrap your head with one of your hot towels out of your dryer.

Let’s start with the feet. Go ahead and do your Foot Bath, Always testing the water first.  Let your feet soak for about 10 minutes so the salts, and oils can do their job. Use a pumice stone to help remove dead skin on heels, toes, and any other problem areas. Dry feet off very well.

Next up Dip your hands and Feet in the Paraffin dip. Wrap in plastic bags and lay back watch your favorite show, tune out the kids and relax.  After about 15 minutes have fun peeling off your paraffin wax.

Make sure hands and feet are free of wax. Use a towel to brush them off well. Go ahead and Paint Nails and Toes.

Best Home Facial

While they are drying you can switch your facial steamer on, Put a towel over your head and relax for 10 minutes. By this time your nails should be pretty dry. If you use any facial moisturizer or creams go ahead and apply them with a makeup sponge. Then use a foundation Brush to apply your mask that you should have ready and waiting. If it is a cotton mask go ahead and apply it and lay down and you guessed it… Relax for 15-20 minutes.

Your nails should be completely dry so if you need to go wash off your mask you should be able to do so. Using NYC Fast Dry Clear Top Coat works great. Otherwise peel off your mask and pat in any remaining ingredients.

So make it a priority to set aside an hour for yourself and have a relaxing spa evening or day in your very own home.  Every one deserve a moment of peace. It is good to relax for mental clarity, lowering stress, and taking care of yourself.



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