2014 Fall Trendz

We  have been swamped at Bean Styled so we are a little behind on letting you know style and trends for the Fall 2014 Fashion season.  It’s all about a classy rocker, to laid back boho vibe, and sporty chic is back in effect.

Fashion Style and Trends for Fall 2014:

Denim Overalls

First up Denim Overalls!  Wear a cute crop underneath with a cute in season poncho over top, Plaid flannel button up, or put a sweater over top like the good old 90’s.  Overalls with Skinny pant legs, rips, and many different styles everyone should be able to find a pair they adore. Dress them up or keep them comfy. Denim Overalls are always a fashion statement.

ripped jeans

**Must Mention: Ripped Denim is a huge trend. But let’s not take this over board.  A few rips and tears can add character, but pants that look like there is nothing left is just unacceptable.

The Moto Jacket is a huge hit this season. Anytime is good for a cropped leather jacket. This season they are coming in tweed, cotton, and many different cuts and hems.  Dress it up for work, or a night out on the town.

Sweat pant Fashion

Let’s discuss these “NEW” dress style sweat pants that you can take from the office, to a night out with the girlfriends or even to working out, and lounging on your couch this is it! NO KIDDING!



Kitten Heels are back in Style! Not just in plain colors, you can actually find some prints, and detailed kitten height heels this season. Which is wonderful because as a Health geared fashion business. It is not always great on the hips and back to wear sky-high heels. The Major foot fashion this season is Boots! Heeled, wedged, zipped, laced, thigh high, ankle. Doesn’t matter this is the season of the Boot. So grab a couple of pairs you enjoy because there will be more styles and trendy ones to choose from right now. The cultural/boho vibe this season there are so many different style Moccasins to pick from which can last for seasons!

Fall/Winter 14

Colors, Patterns and fabrics The main color’s this season are all Royal. The Dark Green like Emerald, The dark Blue like Sapphire, Bright Dark Red of Ruby, and the darkest Amethyst Purple. There is still bright colors like pink and yellow but, they are matted down going for that 70’s vibe.

The Nudes

Nude, Peaches and corals This season you will see satin dresses coming into play. It is part of the vintage vibe that comes more and more into modernization every season. So If you love your pearls, and collars don’t worry they are out there. This season mixing nude, pink, and peach with black is a trend we will see everywhere. Great for business or evening out. Same for the Tans/Browns mixed with Pinks and Peaches.


We have to share our http://www.Indiexo.com Off Shoulder top. It’s Sheer, romantic, and comes in many different colors.  Great to dress up any pant for fall. Take you right into the Spring 2015 fashion season. Here’s a TIP: Shop from Amazon search Indiexo and you can get the same shirt for $10’s off!!!


White, Yes lose that “No after labor day rule” it’s out! This season has more mix of Black and White then the most recent years past. With Herringbone and hounds tooth patterns everywhere this season will be back with many black and white items to mix and match. Or if you are an all black lover, you better stock up on different stylish pieces from Tops to bottoms.

Plaid Paisley Floral

Gray has a light hint this season. If white is not your thing. Grab a gray washed denim, sweater, or accessories like a scarf.

Plaid always come back in the winter. It’s warm, and it can be dressed up or down. Coming in many different fabrics you can go for a light airy fabric or that good old flannel cotton to keep you warm. Of course, we must say plaid and denim bibs can always be made to look fabulous. And it is just not shirts, plaid is cute in dress pants, and skirts.

Dark Floral is huge this season. If you are looking for an elegant evening night out look. Look at the dark floral patterns. Most shy away thinking they will look like a bouquet of flowers. However the dark floral patterns are a good fit for just about anyone. Being in darker colors just like black it helps create a slimmer look


The Details this Season come in exotic prints, and animal skins such as croc, snake,(faux of course) plus leather detail. Geometric Patterns give an adventurous cultural look this season that has been carried over from this summer.  With darker colors, more patterns and coming in just about everything, but popular in ponchos, and leggings.

Beauty for Fall 2014: Smokey Eyes with nude glossy lip, and light pink Cheeks is the #1 Beauty look this Fall. A classic and still classy look. Just add a dark red or burgundy lip for a night out. Hair this fall is all about Big Curls, Big Up-Do’s and vintage pin curls.

The Accessory color is Gold & Platinum. (No not silver we mean that darker Rich Luxury metal) Coming in belts, fashion jewelry, purses, scarf’s etc.

Enjoy the season like Royalty!

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