New Year, New You; Fitness, Fun, Fashion

Welcome to 2015 Bean Styled Fitness Fanatics! Here is our first Fitness post of the year. The hottest new workout you have to try, along with Workout Fashion Apparel. Plus some great breakfast ideas, and “Healthier Cleaning” options for your Home!

2014 promo poster 2The Best New Workout for 2015 goes to POUND ROCKOUT WORKOUT. An Trust us not just Bean Styled craze but actual “Fitness Magazine” listed them in their top 2015 list.   Drop the Pounds with Pound Fit! Bean Styled marketed the Central Illinois certification at Be.You Fitness Boutique this past December 2014 and now has a Certified Pound Pro Instructor willing to do Demos for Gyms, and other Studios. Just Email and for Regular Classes join us every Friday at 5:30pm at Be.You A Modern Fitness Boutique Peoria, IL in Oak Cliff Plaza. Fun Cardio, Stressing Relieving Workout everyone is sure to Enjoy! You will have the Neon Weighted Drumsticks in which Pound they are called RipSticks, Grab the Beat and get ready to Rockout Out. Pounding left, right, up and down. You will have so much fun the class will fly by, and you will be ready to return to your favorite new workout the next day! Get Pound Fit and Take the Pounds off with “Pound the Rockout Workout”

Winter Workout Fashion!

Leggings;  New Bright Colors, Cultural patterns, Leather look on fabrics plus great fleece lined and Knitted fabric! Choose from a leather look legging’s that are fleece lined for winter or a pair of Knitted Leggings you can rock at the gym or style them up for a lunch outing with the girls after the gym! The Snowflake knitted below can be found at Cuddl Duds under layers shown in Black Fleece and Gray Polka Dots are the Perfect Winter Layering clothes but for a Personal Trainer they are comfy and perfect for the Gym. Sweat is wicked away, never left the gym feeling sweat soaked and still warm enough to make it home! After checking out their website we were surprised to see an Active layer line so instantly signed up for the 20% email and can’t wait to order more. Plus the whole family is covered, they have men’s and kids apparel.


Winter Workout Tip: If you are one of those Winter Runners or someone just going to be out in the cold the best for your hands is to layer them up by doing mittens over gloves. After watching a Sam Champion weather casting about bundling up for winter it all made sense. When you keep your fingers together in the mittens it creates more body heat instead of separating your fingers individually. I put this to the test and found mittens personally to be warmer. An if you really want to layer put your mittens over your gloves for extra warmth.

IMG_20141109_213050Victoria’s Secret VSX Sport Bra is a little tricky getting on( to be completely honest) but offers comfort and amazing Support with no annoying under wire! If you’re looking for a good sports bra worth the $ check out VS sport Line. An I do have to mention I scored this one for $15 thanks to a #PinkParty and coupon at our local Mall this past holiday season. We are #Fashionista at heart.




One of the best shakes we have tried recently is the Quaker OatsIMG_20141106_082844671 new Breakfast Shake. Great quick breakfast alternative, Mid Day Snack Attack, or a Pre or Post Workout Drink! Fiber and Protein this is a drink that should keep you going til the afternoon, and yes it tasted Great!





Easy Healthy PANCAKES: Smash up a Banana, add two eggs, 1 TBSP of Cinnamon, OR Pumpkin Pie Spice, Nutmeg, Your choice! Mix it up with a Fork until smooth and cook just like you would a traditional Pancake. They turn out more like crepes so to make them thicker add an extra Banana 1/2 at a time to get your desired thickness of pancake.





IMG_20141109_153222Healthy Cleaning:  Looking for alternatives for more healthy living cleaning options. Here’s a Great Recipe that cleaned our floors better than any floor cleaner on shelves, no harsh chemicals, and smells Wonderful! Lemon Juice from concentrate or Squeeze a couple Lemon’s into a gallon bucket of water and add 10 Drops of Thieves Oil which can be found from or can Purchased from Bean Styled just email We do not have YL oils on our website (it’s not allowed unless you purchase YL’s personalized sites when you sell wholesale)

If your interested in learning more about thieves oil and it’s health and cleaning ability read the story about the black plague and thieves oil, check out the YL site here.

So hopefully we have introduced you to a new workout, some motivating workout apparel, a good breakfast, and healthier alternatives to your cleaning arsenal. This should get your 2015 kicked off in the right direction in just about every daily category! Follow our Blog for latest Fitness, Health tips along with Beauty and Fashion that will get you feeling good on the inside and out!

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