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If you are unfamiliar with your Chakra’s and the form of meditation on natural gemstones. Here is a brief overview on each of our Chakra’s and their correlation to our bodies. The Gemstones associated with the Chakra to help unblock energies. Chakra meditation can help with psychological balance, physical well-being, mental clarity, and self discovery.. Learn how and sign up today to have a 35 minute Gemstone Chakra Therapy Session with Bean Styled and feel at ease in your Life.

There are 7 Chakra’s that align in the center of your body in which energy is released and flows outwards. Some times these energy fields get blocked. Stress, Depression, heart ache, negative effects of life contribute to are energy levels being depleted. It is a known fact that minerals and certain rock material have/carry natural energy. Best example: A light bulb, Tungsten is the element that helps make light and so we know that mineral carries energy. All rocks and minerals start at the center of the earth, work their way up. Usually to the peaks of mountains where they tumble-down and we can find them as rough gemstones. Other times we are digging out of the ground or into mountains to find them. The point here is the earth is filled with energy, so there has to be some correlation to the rocks, earth and our natural energies. Bean Styled believes that the meditation you receive during a Chakra Meditation is unlike any other. You are receiving the highest form of energy in the most natural way possible. Not only the energy from the gemstones, the relaxing aroma-therapy oils used, and the atmosphere will leave you relaxed with the ability to clear the mind and better process your life.


Let’s begin by talking about each area.There are 7 Chakra’s on the Body they begin at the base of your Spine (Look at the Picture above for specific locations)

First is the Root Chakra: At the Base of your spine and underneath. The Root Chakra is the color of life RED. This Chakra stimulates life force. Gemstones that can be used are Garnet, Red Jasper, Coral, Onyx, Rhodonite, Ruby, Black tourmaline and Hematite.

Blocked: Loneliness, Insecurity, Feeling Ungrounded, Less Confident, Indecisive, Depressed/Sad, Anxious. Deals with Addictions and Obsessions. The inability to move forward past events.

Healed/Open: Provides sense of Security, and Confidence in one’s self. Helps to make decisions based on your true wants. Get rid of addictions and Obsessions.

Second is the Sacral: The color is Orange. Gemstones: Orange Beryl, Orange Jasper, Carnelian,

Blocked: Unmotivated, tired, lack of confidence, and sexual problems.

Healed/Open: provides natural energy and motivation.

Third is the Solar Plexus: Color associated with this chakra is Yellow: Tigers eye, Topaz,Yellow Tourmaline, Citrine        This chakra is about your personal power, inner strength, Desires, Emotions and Instinct

Blocked: You may be feeling discontent, restlessness, discouragement. Lack of memory, feeling off-balance, Insomnia, and eating disorders

Healed/Open: Makes us aware of our energy and confidence. We feel comfortable with our self, and helps us believe in our gut instinct.

Fourth is the Heart Chakra: Color associated with this chakra is Green: Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Chrysopra, Jade, Moss agate, Olivine, Emerald, Tourmaline Pink: Coral, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quarts

The Heart chakra deals with our spiritual, mental, and physical health. It deals with our energy in Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Empathy.

Blocked/Unbalanced: Disconnected from people, lose love in yourself, lose love in the earth, unfaithful, distrust, unforgiving,

Healed/Open: Promotes peace and harmony within yourself. Helps you to trust and find love in all aspects in life and mother nature.

Fifth is the Throat Chakra: Color is Blue, Gemstones associated with this chakra area: Aquamarine, Chalcedony, Celestine, Moonstone, Opal, Pearl, Turquoise, and blue topaz.

This chakra deals with our communication. Verbally, non-verbal, emotional. Our attitude, leadership, and responsibilities.

Blocked/unbalanced:  Nervousness, ADD, Anxiety, Shy, Bad Attitude, Unproductive, Forgetful and unmotivated

Healed/Open: Helps to calm your inner self or voice. Self Expression; Express your true self. Promotes honesty and harmony, Success in communication.

Sixth is the Third Eye: Color is Indigo and the gemstones used are Sodalite, Amethyst, Sapphire, Rock Crystal, Fluorite

Helps to Banish sickness, and evil energy. Allow for mental freedom. Deals with your perception, insight, psychic ability, and  intuition. All about the mind. Ideas, dreams, inventions.

Blocked/Unbalanced: Writers Block, Clouded judgement, intuition or gut feeling has left. Education rut and learning difficulties. Constant Poor decisions and nightmares

Healed/Open: promotes destined dreams and creative ideas. Clarity, Inspiration, See a life Path.

Seventh is the Crown Chakra: Color is Violet, White, or Gold Gemstones used: Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Diamonds, Violet Fluorite

The most important of the chakra’s. It keeps all our other chakra’s in line and balanced but also provides us with our most mental clarity and decision-making. It helps create positive energy with the other chakra’s and helps us live a positive life mentally. It really creates our overall outlook on life. We suggest wearing Amethyst or quartz crystal earrings or necklace to always keep your chakra charged and healthy. Although it is good to align and clear them all once a week!

Blocked/unbalanced: Feeling like your living with out purpose. Leads to depression, confusion, loss of faith.

Healed/Open: Sense of Spirituality, learning to be wise and enlightened. Feel connected to universe. Optimistic and Aware.

Staying positive in life with our attitudes and outlooks have more effect on us than most of us would like to believe. In this day in age it is hard to remain positive when things seem so hard. But the brighter side you look and live on no matter how gloomy it gets around you can only help you maintain your true self and happiness. Letting others and life not affect us is difficult but with practice it can be attained more every day and Gemstone Chakra Therapy is the meditation you need to unblock all of life’s negative energies.


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