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Welcome Everyone Today Bean Styled starts Vlogging!   Here is our First Vlog- Video Blog.  A fun and interactive way to stay connected for everyone who follows. As we get busy it makes it a lot easier to get more articles published. Our first Video will detail, Plexus, Promixx Vortex Mixer, Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier, and PB2. The video is a little shakey, but bare with us the video thing is new and we are in the learning process and enjoying it very much!

We tried the Pink Drink by Plexus and can say we absolutely loved it!  Like to compare it to a crystal light taste. Or same as the liquid flavors you add to your water. Exception here is the Pink Slim is all natural, no jitters, and gives amazing energy. As a fitness instructor some days it is hard to go all day training and teaching classes so when plexus gave me enough energy to finish my day and still feel great with no crash. This product is a win!
If you would like to Order Plexus go to Jill’s Facebook Page Linked here

Next UP our favorite powdered peanut butter! PB2 has come out with PB2 chocolate/peanut butter powder. Great addition to your protein shakes and of course to make those amazing protein balls. That we simply call them Healthy cookies! Here is the recipe we used to make our new protein balls.  Plus these are both a great addition to any mix like pancakes, biscuits, waffles. Sprinkle a little on top of your frozen yogurt. So many options once you start using it you will be creating your own dishes.

PB2 COCO/PB Protein Balls:  1TBS of Honey, PB, Nutella,   1 BIG Scoop of Protein Powder, 1/4 cup of PB2(either one) Add in your favorite nuts, dried fruit etc and mix all together and create little size balls, place in fridge to get cold. Or mix together and coat the outside with coconut, or chopped nuts. And do the same above create balls and refrigerate.

Huge Thanks to Influenster Nation for giving us to try the Vicks #coolmist humdifier for free. This will keep your family healthy, your skin hydrated. And if you use the oils like we do it can be a great aromatherapy machine. We are using ours everyday so I recommend every house hold especially with kids to have one and great for your office.

Finally, we were absolutely amazed when we found the Promixx Vortex Mixer on Twitter and was happy to find it being sold on Amazon. This protein mixer will change the way you do you protein shakes. Check out the Video above to watch the demonstration. If your busy/on the run, hate clumps in your shakes, and yes very easy to clean… then we have found your new protein cup!

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