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Take your workout up a notch this Summer with some great products to help assist in your weight lose journey or your muscle building gains with the new Promix Vortex Mixer upgrade pack, EAS complete protein, and Lean15 protein bars. Take it to the max with the UFC approved brand Muscle Pharm- Assault pre-workout mix. Plus get motivated with our latest in Fitness Fashion and accessories!

CYMERA_20150531_204114First big Thanks goes out to Promixx for sending us a Free Upgrade Pack for our mixer for our review on and our first Youtube Promixx Review Video. A NEW Ion battery (silver to right) which is much more powerful, and can get rid of the batteries. This comes with a rechargeable USB so you can recharge anywhere! Another bonus which the picture doesn’t show is this comes with a compartment under the new lid that can hold your drink mix or a snack. An matched the PINK color Promixx original.

**We have been so busy with our events, but be on the look out for out next video. We will show the upgrade pack so you can actually see it’s full use! Plus looking to add clips of our classes and exercises that work best for target areas!


HUGE THANK YOU TO EAS for sending us a box of free goodies!!! Complete Protein Nutrition Shake in Vanilla and a box of Lean 15 Protein Bars in Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Lucky bonus for us both of these were new items! Normally vanilla is not a favorite flavor here at Bean Styled Studio. Some how EAS has created a protein vanilla powder that actually taste and smells like a real vanilla. Mixes great which we already know, EAS is a favored Brand and highly recommended to our clients. This protein powder is great for those protein ball and other snack recipes. Find more recipies ideas with your protein powders and mixes on our Pinterest. Now they just need to create more gluten free/Corn free products. The only reason I say this is because not enough health and lifestyle brands have those people in mind. An although I personally do not have any gluten allergies I do have clients that are. Let’s not forget the Lean15 bars. Delicious taste, a great daytime snack or even after workout snack for extra protein. I love the crunch in protein bars, and the wafer like texture. This is Perfect! An you can’t go wrong with PB and Chocolate.

MP ASSAULTLooking for energy and something to get you through your workout on a stressful or tiring day? Muscle Pharm’s Pre-Workout mix ASSAULT should be added if your looking for some serious Kick to get you energized and going strong your entire workout. Bought this particular brand because we were looking for L-glutamine. It helps metabolize protein, and is an essential amino acid to help build muscle. Also research shows it helps reduce sugar cravings and stress from everyday life. We are diving into more research on Glutamine and other amino acids. So as we go through this jar and try it out look out for more information on Muscle Pharm and glutamine. “This assault seemed to make us sweat more, and kept myself, a personal trainer going through 45 minutes of teaching Pound Class and 60 minutes with a personal client! Exactly what I was looking for!”

Forever21.comLet’s talk Fitness Fashion! More Bright colors and patterns in workout apparel make working out a little more motivating and you have to say it FUN! Just like street fashion for Summer 15′ you will see Strap’s and Cut-out’s in workout Fashion. Like the Forever21 Cutout Workout leggings pictured to the right that we had in our Fitness Fashion Runway at the Central Illinois Health and Fitness Expo May 3rd 2015. Comfy, Trendy, motivating and Fun! When you look good you in what you wear you gain confidence. Let this help you feel motivation to put those gym clothes on and go workout. An as a Personal Trainer and Stylist I hear clients tell me that they can’t wear a certain pattern or leggings. There is a pair for everyone. Once i encourage them, take them, or they have lost a few more pounds. They and you should to, go out try things on and you will be surprised. After all my clients buy new workout clothes, they have pieces that become their favorites and admit it helps them get mentally prepared to hit the Gym or Class with confidence!

stacked_bracelets_arm_1Great accessory for anyone and favored by sporty and adventurous male and females alike.  A Bracelet with a humble meaning: “Live Lokia Bracelet. Each lokai is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The bracelet’s white bead carries water from Mt. Everest, and its black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. These extreme elements are a reminder to the wearer to live a balanced life – staying humble during life’s peaks and hopeful during its lows.” Buy them online or Hallmark Store. The owner of the company has a great story behind his bracelet that will make you tear up and knowing your are helping get clean water to those in need is a wonderful feeling of charity. Check out the website—–>

IMG_20150513_102735Our first taste of Justin’s Almond Butter was from a Starbucks in New Orleans. We are glad to see our local Target offering these little samplers great for lunches and snacks. If you love Almonds no doubt you will love Justin’s Almond Butter. If not we suggest trying one of their all natural flavored butters in Vanilla or Maple! Great source of Protein. We tried it on raisin toast, and YUM!! Add to oatmeal, banana’s, or into your great protein snack or shake recipes. We now have Peanut Butter, Nutella, and Justin’s for our list of nut buttery options.

Keeping your Summer going strong. Get out and enjoy the Sun and soak up that much needed Vitamin D. Don’t forget your SPF, sunglasses, and possibly a hat of course! It’s a great time to join a new class!

-Jillian Dworak

Bean Styled writer

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