BeanStyled Fall Fashion Season 15′ Overview

Welcome to Bean Styled’s overview of this seasons Fall Fashion 2015 trends and styles. Formal fashion has a touch of classy vintage pastels and gun metal accessories. The trendy looks are a boho vibe and a slight 80’s Rocker edge! The biggest style out this season is the 1907’s vibe! Simple lines and cuts with amazing color and patterns. Here are the basics of what you need to know and could possible want to add to your wardrobe that will last more than just this season. As a stylista we search for items HOT this season yet pieces that can become classic staples in your wardrobe for years to come. ** Stylista- made up word by Bean Styled long ago to describe Bean Styled Personal Stylist. Goal: Making your look like a Million bucks on a Fashionista’s Budget!

First, let’s talk about Color, Patterns, and Fabrics. Rich velvet looks now made with comfy suede and cotton and mix of fabrics could talk us into trying those wide leg 7o’s inspired velvet/suede leggings. Rich colors such a Navy Blue, Emerald Green, and those crazy rich natural colors from the 70’s will be huge. Red, Oranges, Browns, “Burnt Orange”. With Brown finally taking over black as a Seasons main color that boho/hippie trend is strong. White is still in and holding its classic appearance yet instead of whole pieces this season it is more of an accent color. Can’t forget Leather. If you have been waiting to let your inner Biker or Rock Star out be prepared to open your wallet this season. Huge selection from pants, jackets, dresses and accessories. No it’s not just black. Lucky for us bright soul’s leather now comes in almost every color imaginable. Leather has been seen in many fashion season lately and although it is always around let’s hope it remains trendy for seasons to come. Finally, Sheer fabrics and layers are still in and designers keep getting more creative. It really brings back that classy elegant vintage women want to wear in dresses, tops, and skirts. Look for the next fashion article which we will discuss how to wear this elegant, classy fabric from work to events. But, it takes us into the last color of Fall. Pastel Pinks and blues. That’s right pastel color’s have made it from Spring to Fall! It’s a huge color in gowns and dresses, but also in all sheer fabric’s. Not just any pastel pink, designers are really bringing back that vintage peachy pink. Finally, plaid is still strong in patterns. Good old flannel button up is cute, but it is also a fabric used in detail for tops, bottoms, and we’ve even seen dresses.

HOT ITEMS:  You could consider this our way of telling you to grab up these items and you will always have a trendy pieces of Fall Fashion 2015!

SO EXCITED (maybe too excited) to say Welcome back WIDE-LEG Denim Jeans and Pants. Not only will the 70 teens be happy (maybe) I know a lot of us 80′ early 90’s kids are ready to have our wide leg jeans back. Check out Express they have a new style by model K. Kloss, but many more brands and stores are pushing them out these next few weeks for fall. A bonus is the high-waist jean selection that will be out this season!

Huge fringe detail will be found on clothes, jewelry, and even purses. If you love the fringe from that 70’s boho look or that fringe on your leather more 80’s style. Both will be out on shelves. You could find a whole wardrobe with fringe detail, but not suggested to wear it all at once. One piece would command enough attention let that fashion item stand out.

One of the biggest items coming back this season for women are Hats. Brimmed hats to be exact. Large brimmed hats with velvet or suede material in those rich nature rich colors and those dark royal colors. With the cutest details such as rhinestone and bows.

There is still a lace layered boho vibe this season. So look for the see through cover-up shirts, long sleeves or vest to layer over a tank. An since browns are in this season brown suede skirts, and pants are the perfect Boho outfit match. Try not to pair too much black with your boho vibe it looks best when kept au natural.

Some more flashback items are Denim bib’s, so if you have missed the versatile carpenter pant with suspenders here’s your chance to find a new favorite pair! Plus, that military jacket is back in much more comfortable fabrics and patterns.


Jewelry this season is about being dainty and elegant. You will still see delicate small layered necklaces and bracelets. Small band rings and midi rings. Formal evenings and dinners should still have a Statement necklace or Earrings. Chunky Gold chain necklaces are no longer for just street wear. They have added sparkle and been glamed up. There will also be 80’s and vintage gun-metal accessories that are out this Fall Fashion season. Stacked mental chains and rhinestone bracelets for your arm candy. Ready for any Rocker babe or a medieval jeweled look. Happy to see the Pearl has finally made a classy return. From bracelets to necklaces and rings; small to large; and in all sorts of colors. Since pearls are man-made they have become extremely affordable. If your still looking for the natural oyster pearl however, you will still pay more. People do not understand how rare that is. Pearls still represent not so much as class these days has they do elegance. So when wearing your pearls act like a Lady and make sure your with a gentlemen. Just a little etiquette reminder from Bean Styled. Jewels are hitting the hair this season as well. Many clips, combs, and pins available to take your traditional hairstyle in a completely different direction. Out to dinner or an event look glam anytime. Rose Gold will be a huge accent this season. In love with this color of gold. A subtle hint of pink and gold it is a versatile metal to be worn with just about anything.

Shoes: It’s Fall and winter is coming so of course BOOTS are a major hit. Still looking for those thigh high boots? No worries you will be able to find plenty this season. Black leather styles to more sleek out to dinner boots. A big trend is the booties and wedge/platform boots. So if this is one of your favorite styles or comfortable fits you’ll have trouble deciding on just a few.

The Look: Make up this season is all about contouring and mother natures natural fall colors.  It carries out that natural look we gear towards for summer. Matte is huge in lips and eye makeup. Browns, Nudes, and Pinks. Keep lips in the nude and Pinks, if you want to be daring and have a romantic or business/event dinner or Charity event take it to that classy deep reds, browns, or maroon. Eyes should also stay within the nude to Dark browns. Shiny gloss lips maybe out, but highlighting the face is in. So leave the matte for the eyes and lips, but don’t be afraid to highlight the brow bones and temples. Contouring is huge and if your afraid to go to dark stick with a light bronzer to learn how to contour your facial features first. Sephora has a great app you can use online to find your specific contouring points. It’s all about the blending. With the natural look this season it outlines everyone’s natural amazing facial definition’s.

Enjoy Fall 2015 Stylista’s! The weather’s cooling off and the scarves are about to come out. Sign up for our Email’s to not miss any special promotions or giveaways. Plus great fitness workouts, tips, and deals!


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