Bean’s Growing in 2016

Since it is our first article of the New Year we must say Welcome to 2016! We are here to talk about what’s new with Bean Styled Studio, new health products and ideas to try to help you begin or keep your healthy lifestyle going!

New things with the Studio….

First off we are excited to announce we are expanding into the Fashion Industry! We will be stocking up on the most Stylish workout leggings! Creating a unique shopping experience online with certified personal trainer’s who will become your CFS… Certified Fitness Stylist’s to help you feel confident about your workout fashion choices!

Check out the Shop Menu above and Click on “The Fitness Boutique” We are hoping to have inventory up by March 2016!

We are on a Mission to post more videos to our YouTube for shot clips to get in exercise quickly or add to home/gym routines. Or just to get you active and started. We have also joined Periscope and hope to have our First Live workout February 2016. Follow our Twitter, Facebook or any Social Media accounts for most recent updates on Special events and happenings. We are always looking to host giveaways!

Got Questions? Ask them… Send us an Email, post on or private message on any Social Media. We want to help and will do our best to answer. Plus , what your thinking others may want to know so we will put it out there for you… anonymously of course!

“As I would love to plan the next Bean Styled Health and Fitness Expo in Illinois… we are moving! So to take a year off to get established in our new area( TBA Soon) is the plan and already in the works. We are excited to be moving to a much bigger metro area again and plan to make this place our permanent home! We have enjoyed co-opting with all the other small businesses in and around Peoria, IL. I could not thank each owner/Business enough for allowing myself to spread the Bean Styled workouts which has allowed me to see people do want this form of Training and exactly what Studio atmosphere they enjoy. The opportunity and experience obtained will contribute to the future of Bean Styled. It has been extremely helpful and priceless. Thank You to the Following Small businesses that have helped me grow. -Ms. Jillian Dworak (Bean Styled Owner)”

`Fitness America-Be.You Fitness Boutique~Avanti’s Dome~California Style Fitness Studio`

So without Further waiting let’s make 2016 Your Year to get healthy.

  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • Wedding/Event
  • Reunion
  • Learn How to make a Lifestyle Change
  • Health scare- Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Muscle Atrophy(loss)  and more
  • Weight loss surgery Patients

We have worked with clients that have the above conditions and so many more! Whatever the reason you have decided to make a choice to live and become a healthier you…. Bean Styled is here to help!






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