Thermo Burn!


Let’s talk about thermogenics in losing weight. It’s a way to increase basal metabolic rate to help burn calories. Burning calories to utilize the food consumed. Some created supplements are used to increase your metabolic rate and usually have energy expenditure as well with caffeine and ephedrine just to name a couple. However there are many natural ways to increase our metabolic rate with foods that are naturally thermogenic. Look for foods that are known to increase your metabolism and your eating thermogenic foods to help burn calories!

We don’t need to make a huge list of thermogenic foods. You can simply google, read, and ask your nutritionist and doctors and they will flood you with food choices.

As a health coach it is not usually the food we eat when we are consciously eating healthy. It is the portions an the extras. So no matter how healthy the food. Keep the portions reasonable to what your eating and no extra dressings, or toppings are the best way to go.

Try this switch in your meal plans. When your wanting a snack make sure that snack is a thermogenic food. Or to sneak it into your meals start adding and cooking with the natural herbs and spices. If your using both spices and eating foods to help increase metabolism, keeping them in portions for some may be a way to increase metabolism naturally and help lose and/or maintain a healthy weight.

Let us know what foods you try, what other not so healthy foods you have replaced with a thermogenic rich food, and Share Recipes!

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