Pregnancy Fit-15 minutes!

Here is a great workout for anyone, especially made for those time crunched an safely created for the mama’s to be!

You’ll end up with 75 squats, 50 leg lifts,an 25 Tricep presses.

If you look at the featured image start with 1. Chair Squats (can’t see feet in pics or video, we’ll work on our videography;) That’s means feet together or modified a couple inches apart so you can maintain your balance if you need. 2. Squat down keeping knees behind toes and weights or just fist pulled to shoulders. 3. Tricep press back keeping in your chair squat. This was we are really working deep into the muscles of our quads and hamstrings.

Reps. 25X’s An if you need to break it down. 2 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5

Squats with leg lifts

Next, Combining our live for Barre and the good ol squat. We move to regular Squat position Hip width apart, an paying attention your knees don’t go over your toe’s. Squat and Work one Leg at a time. 1. Squat 2. Move body weight to one side to lift legs as straight as possible so your working on flexibility as much as body resistance exercise that will work every muscle. An since your in a wider stance you’ll be targeting more inner thigh adductors and outer Abductors along with all other leg muscles. If you want to improve on lifting your leg, also focus on side obliques to help you lift higher. Don’t make your legs do all the work. Repeat with other leg. Each leg 25 lifts with 25 squats means when you finish your other leg you will have 50 squats and 25 leg lifts on each leg.

Here’s a short video of each exercise demonstrated.

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