Raw Spice Bar, Spice up your tastebuds!

So a couple months back RawSpiceBar.com sent BeanStyled an email asking us to review their new concept of a monthly spice pack. You recieve 3 different blended spices and recipies to make. Even more knowledge is provided with every month being from a different region of the world. Well, somehow we ended up with two months and couldn’t wait to share our review! 

First came the “Pondicherry Kit” then the “Oktoberfest Flavor Kit”. Overall review: it brought my family together in the kitchen to learn about what we were cooking, where it comes from, and learning new ways to cook with spices. Not everything was to our tastebud’s liking, but we enjoyed the process and our Raw Spices.

With the two we ended up with Breakfast, a dinner, and a snack. The Peppercorn Masala Chai was too spicy, but had a sweet flavor at first. However, If your a Chai lover this might be right up your alley. Only thing I think we may have messed up on was straining it completely. The Vadouvan Scrambled eggs were absolutely yummy. Everyone actually ate all the eggs. An with 6 eggs used there was enough for 4 people. An the Baked Pumpkin Donuts were so delicious that recipe is sure to be used again in this home! They made the perfect christmas morning breakfast for everyone. An needless to say I had a couple with my morning coffee!  

Next, dinner time. The Horseradish and Mustard cabbage was a very unlikely hit at the dinner table! I think we all had our noses turned up (even though the aroma was pleasant) because no one really likes cabbage. Yet again it goes to show cooking with all natural spices can possibly help you even eat healthier vegtables with the help of learning to cook with certain spices. Raw Spice Bar has definitly convinced me of that. We paired that side with the German Chicken Schnitzel. It took awhile for the husband to prepare, but made a lot of seasoning and therefore chicken. Again, it was a great pairing to the cabbage and chicken turned out juicy and tasted like a 5 star chef prepared it. The Caraway cheese Soft pretzels.Well, lets just say those didn’t turned out as planned. So that would be the only downfall. You got one chance to make it right. However that doesn’t leave us unsatisifed. A video might have helped on that one. But, I will take responsibility for chef errors.

You can’t really explain smells or great tasting food through a written article. However you can check out Raw Spice Bar and see how great it is yourself! Get your flavor profile made, get customized recipes, an be able to shop your favorites. For $8 a month an knowing how expensive some herbs and spices can be in the stores. This is a wonderful way to learn to cook with spices an be educated on them. 

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