Spray on Nail Polish

Spray on Nail Polish!

An have you seen the new Spray on nail polish? I have been using mine “Salon Perfect Spray on Nail Polish” for a few months and got to say although it doesn’t last as long as some nail polishes I like the ease of spraying my nails, washing hands and bam your done! Nails so quick you could do them at a pageant, fitness competition, any event in under 5 minutes! Can’t wait to try some other brands. Right now not to many on shelves an not to many color choices. But, I have a feeling this will catch on and be a hit. Even in professional nail salons. I mean they already been airbrushing for a decade or longer. It reminds me of Olive Oil in the Popeye cartoon Aladdin where she stuck her foot in a box and someone easily painted her toes in 2 seconds! It’s the future of nails when we don’t have to wait an hour for them to fully dry without repercussion of messing them up.

If you have no idea what I am referring to just watch this “Aladdin and his Lamp” episode here:

An to be honest it doesn’t really bother me it doesn’t last as long. If you are like me and like to switch colors constantly…I see it as a benefit. An comes off easily with nail polish remover. 

Here is my video how to:

Check it out on Youtube.com/BeanStyled an find some more quick beauty reviews, workouts and more!

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