Beauty of a Mask an More!

So have you been looking for some new beauty products to try? Here are a few I had to pick up recently. An huge thanks to Elizabeth Mott and .08L for choosing me to try her new “Color is Bae” matte liquid lipstick complimentary for review! I had to buy from Ulta Buxom’s new Plumpline lipliner. Also, Wet N’Wild new mega cushion color corrector. Final purchase was from Sally Beauty my new Oval Beauty secrets brush which is my new favorite and I’ll tell you why! 

First off, check out Elizabeth Mott Facebook page and website for some great products made in the U.S.A. over in Hawaii! I loved the liquid lipstick I got to try for my review. An yes I actually loved it or it wouldn’t have made it here. It dries quickly but, did not dry out my lips. Lasted all day and Night. Comes in multiple shades. Although the “Moxie Mauve” I recieved is a universal flattering color for a lot of skin tones. Support U.S. made products and Women in business.

Next, I love having color correctors for my skin. With dry sensitive skin my needs change daily when it comes to using a color correcting pallet. Wet n’ Wild has made cushion liquid correcting compacts and I love them! A little goes a long way and worked so well at covering up redness an leave’s a little highlighting effect. This has ruled out in my opinion even some of the most expensive color correctors. An until I find something better this product will be in my beauty routine for a long time and one I’ll recommend constantly. 

Now, I have been a huge fan of Buxom since 2007. My all time favorite lip gloss is their Buxom lip gloss plumping formula in Diamonique. It is so glittery yet not sticky and leaves lips so plump you can actually feel it! So when I seen their new “Plumpline Lipliner” with bonus lip brush. I literally ran out to go get it. I got the color “Dolly Danger” a brown/pink. Great for many skintones, matched a lot of my glosses and lipstick already. An I couldn’t be more surprised. Although you can’t feel the plump as much in this product by the look results I could tell my small lips actually had some structure! In the video above its just the lipliner and a little gloss dabbed in middle of lips.

Okay I have about every makeup brush you could buy. So when these oval foundation and contouring brushes came to light this past year I was skeptical. I thought for sure they would rough up my skin. An would be hard to use. All wrong! Face Secrets is my new fav! Applying my concealers, contouring powders and liquid foundation have been changed forever. The way the bristles are so compact actually felt really smooth on my skin. An left my makeup less chalky or dried out looking on my skin. What I also noticed is that I needed to use less products with this brush vs a few of my other brushes and sponge for sure! That’s a win for the wallet anyday. I have used this brush more now than a lot of my other ones. It may actually replace a few for you as well.

I have some great at home facial mask you should try. Don’t think you always need to spend so much to see an esthetician at a pricy spa that may only have worked 1 maybe 2 year’s of their maybe 10 years holding a state license’s. Plus, if you really want an expensive experience find a licensed esthetician at a dermatologist or ask how long they actually been doing services in a salon/spa setting! 

Women should know some of these store beauty products, although they are very affordable are made with great ingredients. An at home DIY treatments made from natural products always are best in my opinion. Like honey and egg whites mixed together for a hydrating and tightening mask is one of my favorites to do. Small 1/2tsp of Honey and 1 egg white, mixed together, applied by brush, 15 minutes to relax then splash off or lightly wipe with warm water and cloth. Here are a few I have recently tried:

Tea Tree oil facial mask by 7th Heaven. Did not dry out my skin, felt firmer after, and skin looked refreshed and brighter! There was enough product to do my face and with little left over I did the back of my hands. Which age too and most forget about. I love a great peel off mask an this is one I would purchase again.

This Masqueology cream moisturizing mask had so much product in and on the mask at first I thought it was going to rip. But, the facial mask material Rayon fibers were really strong. An nice to know a brand doesn’t skimp on the product. I had enough for my neck and chest! Not only did my skin feel more plump it was definitely moisturized and left my face feeling fabulous! Like I just walked out of a $50 dollar spa facial! Definitely a mask I would purchase again and again. 

Finally in the mask department I tried 7th heaven’s Green Tea Peel-off. Deep cleanse with Green Tea and Ginger. An lemon to help exfoliate. Left feeling like skin was refreshed and resurfaced without the tight drying feeling left by some cleansers.This mask also had a great smell! Again, another one I would repurchase.

Grab up some “You Time” and take care of your skin. Try out some of these beauty products they are great for any skin type and tones.

Beauty & Health                                      -Bean

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