Korean Beauty Product Reviews

Thanks to .08Liter USA I was choosen to try these products free for trial and review. Here you will find my honest opinion and where you can get these products for yourself!

First up was the 1960NY Capsule CC Cream It says it is certified whitening/Anti-Wrinkle function plus spot care and moisturizing. To me it is almost what we would call a BB cream. A Beauty balm with added skincare. It was a clear gel with tiny beads. I was surprised by how it looked when I opened it. The packaging is also nice. When having a luxury product the outside says a lot. It says on package whitening capsules with CC cream fills dry and fatigued skin with Rich moisture. These magic capsules change color and match skin tone perfectly.. Somehow. Some of the natural ingredients in this product consist of caulerpa lentillifera extract a water holding polymer for anti wrinkle and whitening. Sea grape extract an Aloe for moisturizing. Holly extracts for soothing. Plus, a few other natural ingredients in the list. Check out www.1960ny.com for product purchase. I also found it on Amazon. I absolutely do love this product. If you check out my last few Instagram pics it is with just this product some mascara, and maybe lipgloss. An my skin looks flawless! 

Nexted up is the Nice to Monaco Water Wear Lotion Homme. I absolutely loved this product as well. I favor gel moisturizers over cream based and this was no exception. It’s a white tint gel that leaves my skin so Moisturized and hydrated like nothing else. After reading some of the ingredients I am absolutely thrilled. It has strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry extracts. Like a fruit bowl for your face! Or, a very exotic fruit facial. It says it is an essence lotion that soothes fatigued skin caused by external stimulation and makes skin tone brighter. Also contains Anthemis Nobilus Flower water, Pinus Pinaster Bark, and Bud extract. On package it says “it makes skin healthy”. I am pretty much a believer. Check out www.nicetomonaco.com for purchase and more Info.

Time for Hair Care! I was lucky to score The Hair Mother Cellar ‘Nutritive Shampoo’ Nature derived surfactant. This premium hair care formula uses natural extracts for silky smooth hair. With oat extract, babassu seed oil it is for moisturizing and to keep oil/water balance of dry and damaged hair. It definitely made my hair feel silky smooth. Also contains amino acids to help restore damage.What I noticed about this product is it really does help control oil. Usually by day two I’m using a dry shampoo to help combat oily scalp. However this shampoo has helped control that and hair still has more than usual volume for second day hair. Check out www.hamocell.com for purchase and more product Info. 

Finally, the last product I got to try for review was Perfect Sun Gel 50+ by ‘Bonfre’. A sunscreen product with SPF 50 with added skincare. They label it as a triple functional product for uv-blocking, whitening, and Anti-Wrinkle. Some great natural ingredients​ in this product are Candentella asiatica, Chinese liquorice, blueberry extract, and Rosehip oil for Moisturized an smooth skin. I liked this product if I’m going to be outdoors an wearing makeup. It has a pleasant smell and not so much of the sunscreen aroma. Check www.bonfre.kr for purchase and more info. 
Korean Beauty is all the rage right now in the U.S. They have a good track record on having great products and flawless skin. Plus, some of the most unusual ways of applying skincare an Makeup. An some very interesting facial exercise techniques. 

Follow my personal Instagram for products I’m testing next to review here on the website.I have some more KBeauty products on the way!

Stay Beautiful and Healthy 


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