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So you may have seen the relative hashtag these days #Kbeauty which is short for Korean Beauty. The country is know for it’s flawless skin, whitening Products, and being on top of the latest skincare ingredients. Here are a few more products I have tried free for trial and review purposes. Trust me when I say the opinion is absolutely my own and I will tell you truthfully how I feel about each one. An huge shout to 08liter.com an the Product companies for choosing me to review their International products!

First up, if you have read my previous blogs… I have already gotten to try products from “The Hair Mother Cellar”. This month I got another shampoo ‘Volume Curl’ and a Step 2 ‘Color Protect Treatment’. The HMC line is wonderful. I really do enjoy it. An believe it has given my hair new life. It leaves no product build up and I am pretty sure with less harsh chemicals my hair has been getting much healthier. The HMC is a professional hair care brand which sticks to secrets passed down from the Royal British family. Yes to Queen hair, Right! The Volume curl Shampoo contains wheat and silk proteins to protect curls and help keep them moisturized so they are soft an frizz free. 

The Color Protect Treatment is a step 2 after shampoo. It supplements moisture and nutrients lost due to dying hair. Contains ion polymers to leave hair glossy and protect from environmental stresses such as pollution and sun fading. There are silk and wheat proteins, and oils such as Bergamont, peppermint, lemon and lavandula hybrids oil. Still need to use conditioner.

Next, is a few skincare products that I am enjoying. An an a couple ingredients that are rather interesting. 

First, I got another step in the “Nice to Monaco” skincare. Step 4 ‘Water Wear Cream’ It is much thicker than the Water wear lotion I reviewed previously. It is more like a moisturizer. The cream is to nourish skin, water balance, and whitening effect. Water balance is equal to hydration of skin. An whitening is equal to removing dark spots. This has been a great moisturizer. An feels like it is helping my skin retain mositure. Unlike other moisturizers that seem to just keep skin moisturized when using them.

I then received an interesting product from Benton called “Fermentation Essence” According to the package it is a formula that helps prevent skin damage and relieve skin irritation and stress. After diving into the ingredients it gets more interesting. It contains the new popular ingredient EGF known as Epidermal growth factor. Which I will get into more details in a minute. It also contains GFF which stands for “Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate”. It’s a moisturizing agent which has antioxidant effects through activation of ARE related genes in human skin cells 2. This same product also contains BFL which equals “Bifida Ferment Lysate” a probiotic to work as a DNA repair agent. These ingredients are known as “Prestigious cosmetic ingredients” that some of the top cosmetic lines in the U.S. use in more high end department store skincare.  What makes this product even more appealing to a certified Personal Trainer who is into skin health is that it contains Adenosine! A.K.A. ATP a molecule responsible for being the leading energy source for majority of cellular and muscular functions. It is capable of boosting levels of protein such as collagen and elastin in the body. 

Finally, I received a retinol cream called “Elizavecca Milky Piggy EGF Elastic Retinol cream”. The famous Pig logo is popular in Korea so I was excited to try this product, but a little intimidated at first. Why? Because, my skin is so sensitive and dry yet I have fine lines. Retinol is supposed to be the best ingredient to fight signs of aging, but can cause sensitive skin like myself major drying problems. Well, I’ll give credit here. This product also says it moisturizes. Although it didn’t feel like it at first it has not left my skin dryed out or irritated like other Products with retinol have done. According to the package you use this 2-3 X’s per week and best at night since sunlight is not good when using retinol. It says it is a Anti-aging, pore minimizing, brightening facial treatment an night moisturizing cream. What probably helps with moisturizer is the ingredient “Swiftlet Nest Extract”. From what I can find is it is bird Saliva from the nest that a male Swiftlet builds. It is an ingredient they believe moisturizes and help’s slow down aging. Now as wonderful as that sounds. I didn’t like the fact that these poor birds nest are being harvested greatly and before the poor mama birds can lay their eggs. So if your like me and want natural products, but also care about our environment. Start reading and understanding ingredients. So it adds moisture and I haven’t had any reaction to using it. I don’t think I could buy Products with this in it. Unless I know they are harvesting them once the bird is completely done with their nest. Check it out, I encourage the knowledge. 

Now let’s discuss this EGF. It is said to be the future of Anti-aging skincare. Epidermal growth factor is a polypeptide; a molecular chain of amino acids. It was developed to speed up wound recovery. It stimulates skin growth at a cellular level an may increase collagen production. This ingredient is very popular in Korea. Scientist Stanley Cohen discovered EGF during studies of Nerve growth factor as a side effect of other experiments. This work led to 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to Cohen for EGF and Rita Levi-Montalcini for the NGF. The EGF protein signals tissue growth through many mechanisms. This is an ingredient that again certain very high end cosmetic companies in the U.S. are now using. 

So if your interested in more Korean Beauty Products I will have another blog up soon with some more products I am waiting to receive. The country is definitely up on the latest skincare. An have some fun skincare like mask that bubble and lip mask that plump. Check out the hashtag on social media and a lot of these products can be purchased on Amazon. For extra pictures of the product themselves follow my Instagram where you can see all products early before these in Depth detailed reviews.

 Beauty and Health inside and out!          ❤️ -Bean


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