Korean Skincare Ingredients rival U.S. Brands!

So I’ve had the opportunity to complimentary try full size Products for my honest review thanks to .08Liter! Here are some of my awesome Products I enjoyed. Not only is Korean cosmetic companies finding new ingredients to use in skincare they are also most times more affordable. 

One of the awesome Products I got to try first last month was the 28 day Coreana SHO EGFactor Timeless Program. It contained two big tubes of eye cream that ejects “like a shot”. An little viles of the horse oil serum. The packaging is as luxurious as the product itself. The box it comes in to the glass viles. I enjoyed the eye cream a lot. I loved using the shot feature because it only puts out enough you need for both eyes so the product will last. I have brighter undereyes and fine lines look to have diminished a little! Timeless ampoule which contains horse oil is a thick oil. It soaked into my skin well. It is a little sticky so I recommend using it at night. This serum is tough to open so wiggle it side to side. An there is enough Product in those little viles for chest, neck, and face so makes it worth the cost. It contains the Noble prize winning Epidermal growth factor. An the horse oil as a beauty ingredient comes from the fat of horses. I would have liked to think it had nothing to really do with horses an it’s gross thinking I’ve been rubbing horse fat on my face. However, the results are almost worth doing again. Anything that does not involve getting cosmetic surgery or lasers I’m willing to try. As long as the animals are not being hurt. I need to do more research because, so far it’s been hard to discover much about the horse oil. Find the program on Amazon.

Next up is Body washes. The first I tried was Reskin TS Acne Body Cleanser for Acne care and sebum control. Luckily, I got this during my pregnancy. My skin on my body started to break out an this body wash really helped clear it up quickly! Has a vegetable oil, Coconut derived ingredients with salicylic acid. I enjoy any product that has nature and science combined. 

The second body wash I got to try was the Atotro body wash for extra dry skin. This was great to get after I had my baby since my skin went right back to dry and sensitive. Contains peanut oil for the vitamin E moisturizing and again coconut derived plant ingredients to keep skin hydrated. 

I can’t wait to try one of those Korean bubble mask, but I am grateful to have been picked to try the “Herb in Nude” Sheet Mask. This was the thinnest sheet mask I have ever used. It was a transparent cellulose sheet soft as silk and drenched in Product. Yet strong it didn’t rip and I pulled on it on purpose just to check. It is highly adhesive, an I tested this by getting laundry folded while I enjoyed the 20 Minute mask. This is how you enjoy spa days at home with two kids. Some of the awesome natural ingredients are licorice extract, Ginger root extract and many more that help with the firming Skincare of this mask.

I have found a new favorite Foundation! I am going to purchase this once I run out. The TS Miracle Nude Foundation contains spf 30 and is so light on skin it’s perfect for any time of the year. Awesome for summer time. I tried the color 21 light Being and it was a perfect match. It is natural coverage that’s build able. An a little goes a long way. It evened my skintone and left my skin Moisturized an with a healthy glow. It has a whitening effect for dark spots, wrinkle and UV protection. Definitely a product I would highly recommend many trying!

Finally, I got some lotion that is for face and body. The Pharma Lab hydration cream is for dry, sensitive, and rough skin. It makes skin Healthy with ingredients similar to skin. Contains a patented ingredient called Bioredoxyl which helps against skin aging. Plus, other interesting ingredients like Royal Jelly, propolis, honey, brown rice oil, lavender and other natural ingredients. An with no synthetic perfumes or colors it is safer for sensitive skin. This is a thick lotion that provides a barrier on skin. It is a little sticky at first then soaks in an leaves skin extremely smooth. I recommend using at night so you are not uncomfortable wearing a thick lotion during the daytime. An it is a Lotion that is supposed to help repair skin so do it at night when your skin is working hard an doesn’t have the sun and other exposures working against you. I also received a sample of Day 3 Dermanex of a 4 Day program. It is geared toward repairing skin after laser or plastic surgery. I used it on my neck and chest. It is extremely thick an with the ingredients like minerals and Vitamins it is a great skincatr moisturizer. VITAMIN B and C, and stemcell culture media to name a few intense moisturizing ingredients. It label says it is for regeneration, elasticity, and soothing the skin.

Some American Products are full of chemicals but, that is Changing. An some of the same ingredients the U.S. is only putting in department store products with luxury price tags. A lot of Korean Companies Products contain nature, most recent new ingredients, and not breaking your bank. Also, Korean skincare is trying to extend the life of our skin without seeing a plastic surgeon.

Check out these products by searching Amazon today. An to know what I am testing right now check out my INSTAGRAM an Follow along!

Love, Bean -Your BFF in Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion!  

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