Skincare Sundays!

Absolutely no better day to relax an have “Me Time” than on a Sunday afternoon. So every Sunday I’m going to share my current Skincare routine an the newest fav. Products I’ve recently tried in video form on.the YouTube for short clips of what will be reviewed

First new product is Planist Water Essence It is thicker than Micellar water. Has a clean very light scent. An is labeled as a Moisturizing Toner with botanical oils. It left my skin feeling clean, soft, and hydrated. It is a Korean Beauty product I got to try complimentary thanks to 08Liter. Definitely a product I would continue to use in my routine. Great at night to clean skin and moisturize without heavy creams.


Grateful to try complimentary Planist Refresh Water Essence for my honest review thanks to @0.8l_usa an I absolutely love it! It is kinda like Micellar water with much added Natural ingredients such as botanicals oils like; Iceland moss, South African rooibes leaves, Tibetan goji berry, Egyptian chamomile flower oil, and Korean lavender oil,…just to name a few Because there is many more in the ingredients! An it is 99% Natural. It’s a Water Moisturizer to help hydrate and calm rough skin. It has a bubbly suds feel, but soaks into skin immediately. An it has a great smell. Perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. I had no irritation at all. My skin felt so hydrated and Moisturized. 👄💁💧👀💦🍒💄 #planist #essence #kbeauty #skincare #refreshwateressence #08L #08literusa #planistwateressence #skincare #facial #mua #bblogger #koreanbeauty #kskincare #dryskin #beautyproducts #reviewer #producttester #beautyblogger #complimentary #beautyexpert #beautyguru

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Next up is another Korean Product I had to research to learn more called Lapothicell Ceramide hydrafluid.

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So I have the most sensitive skin and it's dry. So thanks to @0.8l_usa I got to try complimentary Ceramide Hydra Fluid! It's a very thin Product not thick at all. It's milky in color, feels light on skin and soaks in fast. Perfect moisturizer for summer time. It left my face feeling very hydrated. An it has Hyaluronic acid as an ingredient so your getting moisture for your face that is working deep down. Buy it from the @lapothicell_official website… Oh don't mind my hair, just air drying curls 👩💁👍💋💦 #lapothicell #CeramideHydraFluid #allinonefluid #moisturizer #milkylotion #08L #kbeauty #bblogger #08liter #08literusa #skincare #koreanbeauty #mua #hyaluronicacid #sensitiveskin #moisturizer #beautyblogger #beautyblog #complimentary

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Since joining 08liter I have been introduced to some great brands and I am definitely enjoying Elizavecca! I had seen the clay bubble mask all over social media and I had to have it. So I got on Amazon a purchased it. Check it out below and on my instagram to actually see how much it grows! An you can actually feel it working.

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Gotta swipe right to see what happens 🔀 This is by far my new fav facial mask! An shout out to @0.8l_usa for introducing me to the brand @Elizavecca_ Milky Piggy Products. I seen this and just had to purchase. This Bubble Mask was so much fun and left my skin feeling like I got a deep down pore cleansing. It just keeps growing 😂 I used moisturizer after on my skin and left it feeling amazing and hydrated. Not dry or that stretched feeling. Definitely going to be blogging about this product and a few more..up this week on blog; link in Profile. 🛁🛀💆👍👀💦💄 #elizavecca #milkypiggy #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #08literusa #elizaveccamilkypiggy #koreanskincare #facialmask #facial #skincare #igbeauty #productreview #bubblemask #claymask #beauty #bblogger #beautyblogger #bvlogger #carbonatedmask #bubblebeard

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I absolutely love how much it grows. The fact you can feel the bubbles cleaning your skin. An after it leaves skin feeling clean an not dried out. Plus, this mask it just so much fun! I can’t wait to show you another new really fun mask next month so make sure to follow on my Instagram to see most recent products being tested!

Final Product I got picked to try complimentary for Review from 08liter is a really thick like paste moisturizer called @Atopalmusa Real Barrier Extreme Cream.

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Thanks to @0.8l_usa for sending me complimentary @Atopalmusa Real Barrier Extreme Cream. It was one of @Allure best Products of 2015! It is an intensive moisturizer geared towards sensitive and dry skin like myself! It takes a minute to soak in, but my face feels so plump and hydrated! It contains MLE an ingredient to help regenerate skin like your body naturally does and Idealift to help tighten skin. Plus, so much more you should really check this product out! I'll be doing more research on Company and Product; Up on Blog soon! 👩💆👍👀💦💭 #RealBarrier #kbeauty #moisturizingcream #sensitiveskin #atopalm #08l #atopalm #koreanskincare #bblogger #mua #facial #skincare #koreanbeauty #gotitfree #vlogger #extremecream #votd #08literusa #allureaward

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Huge thanks to 08liter and looking forward to trying more KBeauty Products to introduce to my American Women!

Stay beautiful Inside and Out

Love, Bean!

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