Magnetic Eyelashes!

A lot of times I get free Products to test and share with all of you. Today make Note I found these Magentic eyelashes while trolling on Amazon and I just had to have them!

I was really not worried if they were going to work because they only cost a little over $5 Bucks! I’ve spent more on false lashes that I’ve gotten really irritated with an thrown in the trash. So I was willing to take the loss if this crazy beauty idea was a flop.

Well… I may just have to buy another set! They still take a little practice, but after 10 minutes I really got the hang of it. Now it takes me just a few to monkey with them and get them on how I like. I tried them with no mascara, with mascara, and filling them in with individual glue on lashes. All the looks are Glamorous. Absolutely love the looks you can create. Put them in the center and fill the outter lashes a bit. Check out the video above and see how I put them on the outter and filled in more center of lashes. Even with filling in just a few on each lash. It still cut down on how quickly I could do false lashes. It takes me 5-10 minutes to put on lashes and if I can cut that in half 3-5 minutes I am doing pretty good! I put the link below so check them out today. Get creative and if you grab a pair. Be sure to share your looks with me. I’d love to see and with permission share them here on the blog!


Love, Bean

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