AB Hair tie Cuff Bracelet!!

Look ladies we all know how annoying it is to leave a hair tie at home, have one break, or a friend needing to borrow one. I think most of us women are guilty or knows someone who always wears a hair band around their wrist. Well, for many this Ashley Bridget Hair tie bracelets solve all those problems above! You’ll always have one on hand so no forgetting or worrying about one breaking. An that forgetful friend has you for the backup! An if you are a professional you can’t really be wearing a hair tie around your wrist meeting clients or hitting the board room. So this solves many fashion mistakes.

For myself as a personal trainer and Group Fitness Instructor this just screams my style! Perfect gift for anyone who is an athlete, active fitness lifestyle, or in the coaching career sector.

Plus, what girl or woman wouldn’t want a Glamorous looking bracelet? The metal quality is luxurious. AB has it’s trademark name and logo on the cuff. The packaging was high end feel. That matters to me because you can’t make a great product and stick it in just anything an have people trust in it. Check out my YouTube for more about the packaging and how much I love this Bracelet! Thanks so much to Ashley Bridget Co. For sending this to me to wear test and review. I plan on buying more of her line myself. It’s dainty, cute, and modern. Just my Style! #BeanStyled

Follow the Link below to get yours Today!


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Sprouting Healthy LifeStyle’s!

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