Earthen InstantPeel

Thanks @Earthen_skincare for sending me their “InstantPeel The Natural Solution” facial exfoliant! This is better than any at home chemical peel or micro exfoliator! See how it worked on my skin! I did use on my face and I could feel the skin peeling away! It left my face feeling like it was actually clean and extremely smooth!

I have sensitive skin and had NO irritation. I was completely surprised! I can do this Treatment once a month. An this 6 single-use packets will last me 6months! I truly enjoyed this product!

An I love it even more knowing it’s a natural product! I take a fish or krill oil Vitamin Everyday religiously. I have always thought about breaking one open and slathering it on the face for some sorta facial. However, I do know they don’t smell that great. An I don’t want to be smelling like rotting fish all day. So kudos to Earthen for putting fish oil in a skincare product! I have not seen any other brand with fish oil listed in the ingredients, and I try hundred’s per year. NoT JoKiNg! I figured it wasn’t available. Now I’ll be on the hunt. I see it becoming a high end ingredient. I also seen shrimp extract on the ingredients an was a little taken back. But, from what I can research is that the shell is an antioxidant and helps ingredients get deep down in the skin. So it’s a much more natural exfoliant that won’t irritate the skin. You must try this product. I am honestly enjoying this InstantPeel by Earthen so much. I believe I’ll have to add this to the Bean Beauty regulars. Products I have to have!

Get your’s Right now!

Shop the link below:
Instant Peel Exfoliant

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