NEO Earbuds Rock!

Absolutely fell in love with these earbuds from NEO. You can listen to music, take calls, and get your full workout in before recharging!

The sounds in these NEO earphones are amazing. Clear and good bass. You can control the volume on the ear piece and if you need it louder you can use your phone to increase volume. It comes with a sturdy hard case so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty or bent in the bottom of your gym bag!

They are perfect for running, lifting, or even handstands! They stay in very well and the ear loops are a soft plastic too. So they are the most comfortable ear phones I have ever had…Really! They come with extra ear pieces. Silicone and padded. This is nice because people have a preference, eventually they do wear out, one goes Missing, or they do get dirty and need changed. You definitely have enough for a year or more!

There is also a lovely voice inside that tells you when it is on or off when you push the on/off button. The mic seems to work great during calls. An again the computer voice in the phones tell you who’s calling! So important call you can answer it from the ear piece, if not you can keep focusing on your workout. Absolutely has advanced options! It comes with it’s own USB so plug it in for a full charge and your ready to Rock your Workouts!

Get your NEO Earphones Today, Don’t wait! Link Below to Purchase:

Rock On Fit Fam,

💋 Bean 🎸

*** “Free for review and Testing purposes but, Opinion is all my own!”

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