Traditional Brewed Soy Sauce!

How can a soy sauce be traditional? Ask Takashi Sato who is the 8th generation of his family since 1804. San-Jirushi the company that started in Japan has been master brewer’s for over 200 years! An since 1987 they have opened their first company outside of Japan here in the United States in Henrico, Va. How San-J Tamari was born!

What makes this soy sauce so wonderful is that it is not made with hydrolyzed vegtable (soy) protein or any other chemical process. It is fermented for 6 months to get that exceptional taste and quality. It contains 50% less sodium than other Soy sauce. It is Certified gluten free, kosher, Non-GMO and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Made with 100% Soy! An the price is not ridiculous; $4.39 for a 10oz and $7.49 for a 20oz.

I paired it as a glaze and dipping sauce for my Shish kebab’s and pork veggie dumplings. I have always hated Soy Sauce. That was until I tasted San-J Tamari lite. It was not crazy salty, and had a very exceptional taste. Unlike any other Soy Sauce I’ve ever tried. My favorite was definitely the sweet and tangy. An the Hoisin is delicious. I see many steak dinners with that as our glaze. An the fact my 7 year old would try it was Amazing!

I absolutely enjoyed learning about San-J Tamari and found a Soy Sauce I do enjoy. If your like me an stayed away from soy sauce, I highly recommend trying San-J. An if your looking for a new flavor of glaze or dipping check out the whole line of San-J Tamari Soy Sauce’s.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

❤️ Bean

Sponsored by Mom’s Meet. Opinion and cooking 😉 is all my own.

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