MINI Bluetooth Earbud!

Soul Sound Magic got it Right!

Not only is this the smallest earbud I have ever seen or held. It doesn’t cut back on bass/sound for music. It has amazing sound and the caller can be heard an hear you clearly! Surprising because, you can’t even see the mic.

Works better than others I have; that have the mic right by my mouth. It’s incognito and unless you really show it off you can’t see it. If I didn’t hold my hair back you wouldn’t know I was wearing it.

Great for professional’s who don’t want a bulky look and need to keep things more private. An great for working out. No bulky strings or hooks around the ears. Just a simply earbud. So no worries when your sweating and no getting Tangled up when your hot and tired.

No only is it mini. It comes with it’s own USB charger you can plug Into a cell phone charger (pictured) or computer etc. The earbud attaches by magnets. Check out BeanStyledYouTube Tomorrow to see more in how it works. It’s fully charged after a couple hours an shows the blue light. Hold the middle button down to sync with phone until it blinks. An the voice inside will tell you when it is on and off so no wondering if your running your battery down. An speaking of battery, it last a straight 6 hours! Plus, it comes with different size ear bud covers. Wonderful because, we all don’t have the same size ear canals.

I am completely impressed by this earbud. It is now my favorite! Get yours Today. Small single earbuds will be one of the hottest Technology must haves on many peoples Christmas list this year!

Buy Link:

Enjoy the simple, comfortable, yet Amazing Sound of Soul Sound Magic.

❣️ Bean 🎧

*Free for Review and Promotion but, opinion is all my own!

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