Become a Professional Face Painter!

Okay I wouldn’t believe it either had I not had the opportunity to try Snazaroo Products thanks to Tryazon!

Their Inspiration step by step idea booklet makes it easy to apply your favorite looks. They come with the box. Since Halloween is upon us our party guest got to pre-do their costume ideas. We had so much fun. Had laughs and talked about how we can’t wait to take our kids trick or treating. It brought out the kids in us as well. For a couple little ones it will be their first Halloween!

They blend extremely well. The colors are highly pigmented. They dry quickly so you can apply the next layer/color. Plus, Snazaroo has so many other products for costume makeup. Even glitter which we had and added to our Spider look. An for moms this product washes off easy. An I mean it, I was extremely impressed!

Check out Snazaroo Today. There is no other product I would trust with quality Ingredients and skin friendly. Plus, it really is a lot easier to do face paints when you have great quality product!

Happy Halloween Friend’s 🎃

❣️ Bean

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