TRESemme Haul!

Recently I got to try an overload of Unilever Tresemme Products thanks to Crowdtap. I have been using the same brand hairspray since high school. An I don’t think I’ve used a mousse since uhhh… early 90’s!

I enjoyed both Climate protection Hairspray and the Mousse. The hairspray doesn’t leave your hair sticky and provides a medium hold. The mousse really provides a great hold for wavy/curly hair and smoothing effect for straight hair. Both definitely help contain flyaways and humidity.

The mega hold hairspray does it’s job! Definitely Strong hold and still dries smooth not sticky. When you have a great look you want it touchable!

I like having a volume Product. Usually in use a spray but, I really have found a new love for mousse. The 80’s are long gone and the product has definitely changed. For my fine hair I believe the mousse can give me more volume. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m mean just look Below….for fine hair I got some volume going on!

I love a good hair mask! I swear by them. What I love about both the Keratin Smooth is it contains keratin and Repair & Protect 7 contains biotin. Both Vitamins are needed in a Healthy Lifestyle to help keep hair and nails strong. Everyone ask how my hair is so long and still Healthy. I’ll tell you it’s because for years I have taken a Biotin-Keratin Complex vitamin daily and leave in mask weekly.

They also have a pre-style spray to help protect against heat and damage. It definitely helps keep hair smooth and I am loving it. I don’t know how well it’s protecting but, I’ll continue to use it to find out. An anything to help protect hair is a plus.

Keep Your Hair Healthy from the Inside and Out! Check out some of these Awesome Tresemme Products today.

💋 Bean- Your BFF in Beauty Fitness Fashion.

“Sprouting Healthy LifeStyle’s”

*Products free from Crowdtap in exchange for Review. But, Opinion is all my own

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