Rock Sauce…The New Heat in Relief!

Looking for something different in taking care of tired overworked muscles and slight joint pain? Gotta check out Rock Sauce from Rock tape.

Instead of being some freezing sensation… I absolutely hate! I live out west for many reasons and warmth is one of them! Rock Sauce provides a nice heat. You can feel it warm up after you rub it in. An what’s Fabulous about this product…. It contains so many Natural ingredients! Which we love here at Bean Styled!

Perfect for after my stretching sessions along with weight lifting. An getting back to teaching classes 7 days a week with clients to train..this is going to be a lifesaver! At first I wasn’t so sure. However, the more I have applied it when necessary I am finding I really love having this product on hand. I have some 5k runs coming up I’d like to enter. I plan on applying Rock Sauce before and after! Follow my Instagram for more!

Next best part is you can use it with your Rock tape. Apply right over top, rub in, and your ready to go! Example Video Rock Sauce over Tape

Check this product out today at the link below:

RockSauce Topical Pain Reliever for Athletes | RockTape #ROK1053OZ

Happy Fall!

❣️Bean, Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

*sponsored post but Opinion is all my own!

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