Quick Comeback Masque!

This awesome and fun facial masque from Alana Mitchell Skincare will have you wanting more. Toning, tightening, firming, and smoothing all in one mask.

It comes as two compartments. Bottom filled with cotton an top filled with ingredients. Separated by a thin plastic film that when you push down the button center it breaks an starts a reaction. Once mixed you end up with a gel substance that smells clean and fresh.

Once applied it hardens like a peel off mask. However, you wash off with warm water and a soft cloth. You’re left with the most subtle smooth skin. My face also felt plump an hydrated.

To actually get ingredients in their most active moment is a wonderful thing. This product is packed with Natural ingredients. Most obvious is the cotton. Plus, radish root, collagen and more!

I am a sucker for packaging. An Alana Mitchell has definitely figured it out. Stylish and providing ingredients in pure form. Get your’s Today at the link below:

25% off until December 31, 2017 use code: MASK2525


Check out the YouTube and Instagram for more info on the Quick Comeback Masque by Alana Mitchell!

Stay Beautiful!



*Complimentary Product but, opinion is all my own.

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