Homedics for your Home Masseuse!

Huge thanks to the PinkPanel and Homedics! I was picked to test 3 different Homedics Massage Product’s. Here our the Amazing products I tested and my review of them. My reward Products for testing. An why I believe if your looking for at home massage Products; Homedics should be your first choice.

Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion with Heat

This seat massager has it all! Shiatsu and Rolling massage. Vibrating seat. Heat and a remote to control it all. Plus, they have stepped up their technology game. You can now download an app. to pre-program and personalize massages. So you sit down hit a choice on your phone an have the massage your looking for. No more telling someone where it hurts and them only hit the spot for 30 seconds. You get a 15 minute massage then it automatically turns off. You’re allowed to turn it back on after a few minutes. I don’t like the vibration on the seat so I never use it. But, some people may need that type of massage. There is a lot of pain associated with hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Could be why your your looking into this seat massager. It vibrates and works great. I am just happy it also has heat on the seat. I appreciate that very much! Love the spot button treatment as I can control where the massage is. Based on what is giving me pain that day. An take a look at the remote. You can control what kind of massage. Heat or no heat for each section, and so much more!

Thera-P™ Percussion Massager with Heat

A Hand Held with heat. This is a hand held massager with two nodules that heat up. Came with rubber type heads and plastic covers. Great for muscle cramps and certain spots nothing else can reach. Great for the shoulders, and legs! As a personal trainer I can use this when I need to work out tired and sore muscles. An it is something you can take with you.

Shiatsu Air Pro Foot Massager with Heat:

This is definitely my most favorite Product they sent. There is NOTHING on the market like this foot massager. It has rolling shiatsu massage on the bottom of feet, and the machine actually compresses your foot. Like someone is actually rubbing and Squeezing your feet. I was completely shocked at how well it worked and great it felt. It has three different compression settings and three different kneading setting’s. Oh yes, I am one who has cold feet so heat is nice. You can have a foot massage whenever you want! An makes a great at home spa machine. You can give yourself a great foot soak and pedicure at home. An once those nails are dry, throw on some comfy socks and sit down. Slide your feet in and relax for 15 minutes. With two kids, teaching group fitness, and just on my feet all day this product has made my life better. No, really! Foot pain can cause so much more pain in the body. An it feels great to not have to ask or pay for a foot massage that I can control. I absolutely am in love with the Homedics foot massager. I would purchase for all my friends and family. Highly Recommend!

Products I picked for Testing compensation:

ParaSpa Plus® Paraffin Bath

I had a smaller one that really didn’t even fit my hand. An I have always wanted one big enough to put my feet in. (One at a time) So when I got my gift card this was the first Product in my cart. I absolutely love having a Paraffin dip at home. Great for my arthritis and keeping skin immensely hydrated. Plus, there are more advanced skincare techniques like the Paraffin facial. This one holds 3lbs so I won’t have to refill immediately. It comes with 3lbs of wax and plastic sleeves. Nice as it heats up will tell you when it is ready. Trust me this has been used on a weekly if not daily basis in our home. My husband is a carpenter who works with his hands and definitely good for him to have to relieve aches and pains.

ParaSpa Wax and Bags Refill – it’s nice they supply refills. Because, I wanted to stock up I picked these as well.

Pedicure Callus Remover

I am happy to say this works wonders. The high speed is actually pretty darn fast. You have three different courses to choose from. Extra Course to get those really tough calluses, Course for rough patches, an Fine to buff skin. Labeled by the color of the roller. Plus, a brush to keep them all cleaned off. An it came with it’s own batteries! How about that? A great at home pedicure tool must have! An for the price it is soo worth it.

My Own Homedics:

I realized I’ve already had Homedics in my home! My little handheld Personal mini-massager from Target. (Pictured above) Which is still great for my gym bag and traveling. It does work great at getting out small knots.

I enjoyed testing all the Homedics Product’s. It was an extremely relaxing good time! The products are very well made. You can tell this by the feel, luxury look, and details put into the products. Most importantly, you can tell when you use them. They worked as stated. An in my opinion really did relax and work out tired and sore muscle areas. I am really glad they added heat to all of them. If you or someone you know are looking for an at home massager check into Homedics. I do not think they will be disappointed. You will get quality over many other’s on the market. That makes all the difference when you are looking for relief due to aches and pains. An Homedics has so many other products to help you become a little less stressed. Check out their website today. An my next buy… Is definitely going to be one of Homedics foot spa baths!

Relax in your own home with Homedics, it’s like having your own Spa!

❣️ BEAN- Stay Relaxed &

Happy Holiday’s Friend’s!

*Products free for testing purposes. Opinion is all my own.

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