Vegan Lip Balm for your Softest Lips❣️

The Healing Tree Vegan Natural Lip Balm is the cure for sensitive lips. Do you suffer from dry chapped lips and nothing seems to help? Let me tell you what I found works for me!

First of all, know The Healing Trees Companies mission:

“To provide Healthy & non-toxic Products that are safe for people & pets while helping our members earn a recurring income.”

At Bean Styled I am geared to “Finding Products made with Natural, Organic, and good for you Ingredients in skincare.” I have extemely sensitive skin. This carries over to my lips as well. An I think Companies tend to forget this. The Healing tree knows that petroleum based Products are not good for or effective on sensitive lips. So when I seen this I knew right away I could use it. From my research it seems that beeswax is one of the best ingredients to help sensitive lips heal. An luckily it is in this companies lip balm’s! Along with many other Natural and safe ingredients. All vegan friendly.

After a couple days it really helped heal my lips. An now keeping them smooth. There is not much scent to the Natural. Which is absolutely perfect for me. Sometimes you don’t want a smell in your lip balm. However, they do have a few flavor scents you can choose from when you order online.

If you join The Healing Club Program you can score 4 Products monthly at 50% off. An additional items are 20% off. You can switch up your monthly Products and earn $10 a month in recurring income for referrals who sign up from your shareable link.

The Healing Tree Club is an award winning, family owned business in Southern California started in 2006. They source and manufacturer out of only 3 countries; Thailand, USA, and China. If you suffer from dry lips like myself or looking for a sustainable lip balm. Check out Healing Tree Today!

Get yours Today at the link below:

Happy Holidays

❣️ Bean,

“Your BFF in Beauty, Fitness, Fashion.

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