Silkah Stem Cell Skincare

First, I’d like to thank 08literUSA for picking me to review the Silkah Frozen 18 Stem Cell Skin Care system. I have been interested in stem cell research since High School. My First donation to the Christopher Reeve Foundation tracks back to the 90’s. Not only is this research important for Skincare but, many other medical issues affecting millions today.

What made Silkah so exciting was when I seen it involved stem cells. This product is supposed to help freeze the signs of aging. Using a Protein Powder complex called SCSF made up of 200 types of active natural Proteins secreted from stem cells. This product is to help increase quantity of cell, repair & regenerate the cells.

These Protein they use decrease with age. Mix with the activator an it brings them to life and help penetrate the Protein deep into skin. The Frozen 18 is for wrinkles, dry skin, pigmentation. An what most Products can’t do… flabbiness! The stem cells are from Cyagen Bioscience.

When you use the mask over the Protein spray you are locking in the Protein and the ingredients used in the mask to help aging skin. You don’t need to do the entire system. But, I highly recommend the mask at least once a week. It leaves skin feeling so plump and refreshed! Plus, look at the graphic below. It contains many Hydrating acids that go deep into skin. An Vitamins which are great for skincare topically as they are to ingest daily. The mask contains a higher concentration of liposome’s and helps penetration of the SCSF. It is also made of silk which helps hydrate and lock in ingredients. Leave on 15-20 minutes or 30 if you have time.

You can watch the video for how the Protein Powder looks. The picture above is after the activator has been added and shaken for a few minutes to make sure it was well mixed. The activator has an agent to help protect the spray. So once mixed it seems it’s safe to use for a few days. However, each bottle has 3 uses an I am sure it should be used within 3-5 days.

Pretty much what the above graphic is saying: they use nature and science. To help hydrate skin and fight signs of wrinkles. An the “whitening” is the new term for dark spot corrector. To myself it seems more pleasant to read that on the bottle. However, the moisturizer helps lighten dark spots and provide a more even complexion.

Adding the moisturizer at the end just made my skin even more Happy. It felt so hydrated and plump; I did not even need a moisturizer. But, it helps lock in ingredients. So it’s a must have in my opinion. Light on skin, soaks in great, smells beautiful, an just hydrates the skin so well. Made my skin feel so subtle and soft. The moisturizer contains SCSF. So if there is any product you may want to try first. This would be a great option. The moisturizer uses an innovative bio-transdermal technology. An provides prolong moisture in skin and improves texture.

Check out my product demonstration video above. It is really a fun 3 step system. It makes you feel like a mini scientist. (yet easy as jello) An left my skin feeling great. Not the same as other mask systems either. You can FEEL this is plumping and firming the skin. I am amazed and can’t wait to see how my skin looks when I run out. Then… I am definitely going to be purchasing more. (No website prices up yet… On hunt for link)

I am absolutely thrilled about the stem cell science. An excited it is now available in our Skincare! This will be the future of youthfulness and skincare Products.

Hope your not to chilly this winter season! Keep skin Hydrated with Frozen 18 and have a Happy Holiday Season!

❣️ Bean- Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

**Complimentary products.from 08L but, Opinion is all my own!

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