Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Cream

Joyal Beauty is luxurious enough for the Royals! An their Vitamin C cream made with Natural Ingredients is safe on sensitive skin. An even better it’s 70% Organic!

I love Joyal Beauty Super Brightening Vitamin C cream Intense Hydration! It instantly soaks into skin. Some Vitamin C creams are too harsh. Joyal actual uses essential oils so it intensely hydrates skin. Joyal Beauty’s vitamin c cream hydrates, protects, refines texture, and a wrinkle fighter. With Arnica in the product you can use this on the body as well for stretch marks.

Joyal has their own formulation of Vitamin C called Stay-C 50. Their bioactive Vitamin C is made from Organic plants. It helps stimulate collagen to boost skins resilience and plumpness.

Key Ingredients:

🍊 Vitamin C- Repairs UV damage, and gives a Collagen boost.

🥀 Rosehip Oil- Improves skintone and pigmentation

🌴 Coconut Oil- Soften & Soothe skin conditions.

Vitamin B5- Relieve itchiness and decrease fine lines.

Arnica- decrease stretch marks prevent inflammation.

Also, Aloe, PrimeRose Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and more.

It leaves skin feeling hydrated and plump. An at Bean Styled we love natural an organic products. This Brand I’m loving! Leaves skin glowing. Looking forward to Future results with Joyal Beauty.

Get Yours Today at the link below:

Great product to help fight everyday pollutants and UV damage. Vitamin C is still one of the best anti-aging ingredients. Keep skin intensely hydrated this winter season with Joyal Beauty’s Vitamin C Cream!

❣️ Bean, Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion

*Complimentary Product but, opinion is all my own!

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