Most comfortable Patellar strap!

Hey basketball players, gymnast, runners, and anyone else with knee pain or issues. You may need a patellar support to help ease pressure. Ask your Dr. Today. Knee pain is absolutely horrible. Don’t let it get worse. An if one is right for you. Why not wear the most comfortable one?

I have have seen and tried many. Being a retired gymnast I have pounded the pavement since kindergarten. An your knees like your back and hips. Support a majority of your weight everyday. Than you add on years of athletics, back breaking work, and age. An the knees take a hit.

The Sleeve Stars patellar strap is by far the most comfortable. It comes with dual strapping so you can control how tight you need it. This also allows the strap to be one size fits most. It is made of elastic material so it stretches. This is where it differs from others. It allows the strap to fit curves in individual’s knee area. Most straps are still really hard and stiff. It also looks great and has quality made material.
Get Yours at the link below:

Take a look at the video to see a product demonstration.

Watch the video here!

If your in need of a Patellar strap. Sleeve Stars may have the right one for you. Definitely, comfortable and able to move!

Hope your enjoying the end of 2017. Look forward to many new things coming!

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*Product was.complimentary but, opinion is all my own.

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