Glam Sticker Tattoos

Looking for a great way to accessories any outfit? Look no further than these glamorous sticker tattoos on Amazon. They are metallic Gold and Silver. Few with some amazing metallic colors, and come in many different styles. They work great and lasted through one shower for some of them!

Nothing is better than laying silver and gold on ones skin. An these sticker tattoos make your feel glamorous while doing so. They shine and sparkle so bright.

From Halloween look of Cleopatra. Which is what I demonstated on the YouTube video. To many other costume accessory ideas. They are great for any slumber party fun. Or on nights like New Year’s Eve when it’s about anything gold and silver. Don’t miss out on the hottest Summer music festival accessory; they are a must have!

They are simple to use. Peel off the plastic top after you cut out your favorites. Place them on clean skin. They actually stick to skin well. Then apply a wet rag with light pressure for 30 seconds. Carefully slide off white paper backing. An you are left with fabulous body art!

These Tattoo Stickers are definitely made for the Fashionistas who like to have fun with their look. They look so stylish when applied you’ll think of many ways to use them to Accessories.

Get your Sticker Tattoos at the link below:

💖 Bean- Beauty Exercise and Nutrition

Your BFF in Beauty Fitness Fashion

*Products we’re complimentary but, opinion is all my own.

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