Seventh Generation Healthy Baby Home Party!

It was an honor to host the Healthy Baby Home Party from Seventh Generation! Not only did I personally learn so much. I am glad to have ladies over for the conversation. It is no surprise that all of us believe in getting rid of all these chemicals being used in life, and in every thing!

An although that may take some time. It is wonderful to know California pass the “Your Right To Know Act”. Which makes companies in that state label the ingredients. More knowledge more power for the people.

We watched the amazing video “The Healthy Child Healthy World’s Wake Up Story” that shows you just what we are living in today. Do we really need to fertilize our lawns? No, it really is cosmetic only. An when my neighbor did it growing up. My brother always got sick and had to stay inside. Do companies need to create genetically modified food? Not for me! The fact there is a University trying to create a Cocoa tree by 2050 because, all cocoa trees won’t be able to stand the global warming. Is a sad realization. I don’t want any genetically modified chocolate…ever!

So in other aspects be thankful for Companies who are gearing their products to be sustainable and Natural. Seventh Generation makes Products without harmful chemicals and uses Natural Ingredients. We looked over their disinfectant spray that can even be used on baby items. Let it dry and it’s good to go. Made with so many Natural oils it is definitely the new product I was introduced to.

Since all of us are mom’s or were at one point. We discussed the diaper delima. I have used SG diapers and love them. For our girl it is no leaks and absorbable. So I was happy to introduce to a mom who just had a baby four months ago the diapers and she won the wipes during our fun Bingo game! It was also discussed how they had feminine products an made us love the Company more. It not only focused on task women in the home are usually doing. They have Products for the woman’s Lifestyle. Guess we appreciate that! We played games, and tried out the Plum organics on the babies (not pictured) but, oh they ate it all! An the morning bar is simply delicious and snack for anyone.

The laundry detergent is safe for baby and our clothes. So no need to buy two different products anymore. An the dish soap comes in soft scents and still so powerful. Plus, when the kids wash their hands it is a chemical free soap!

Had I not been a part of the Generation Good Community I too may have not seen the #ComeClean act passed in California. An able to learn so much and why other states should follow suit. I was more than happy to share the “Wake Up Story”. We all had an eye opening experience. That led to a powerful and moving conversation. It is safe to say most mom’s care much about the chemicals in Products and wish for them to cease. Especially when they can soak right into our skin. If your breast feeding, do you know how many chemicals can penetrate? Join the Community today and make sure to share the video.

An after everyone left we recycled the box for some coloring fun! I highly recommend Seventh Generation Products. They do live in my home daily. I enjoy buying Products from a company who is creating Products safe for my kids and the future world they have to live in. A company who seems to think about my needs. An finally, a company who cares about this Earth and willing to give back.

Check out Seventh Generation today to learn more. An better yet, go try a product today!

❣️ Bean- Beauty, Exercise, and Nutrition.

Helping “Grow” Products and Companies with Natural ideas and sustainable ingredients!

*Complimentary Products. However, opinion is all my own!

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