InstantPeel, the Natural facial exfoliant!

Earthen InstantPeel Really is the best micro exfoliant safe for my sensitive skin. It’s natural. An the product per price is worth the results!

I have never had an exfoliant that I could literally see the dead skin peeling off. It is gentle and amazing to watch. Your skin feels smooth, looks more even, and instantly brighter. It allows Products to penetrate deep down. Since you just exfoliated off all dead facial skin. This product is perfect for at home facial. It allows you to rid pollutants and free radicals that can lay on our skin. Check out the YouTube Video!

I have extremely sensitive skin. So a lot of peel’s, chemical’s, and ingredients are off limits. So “The Natural Solution” is a great tag line for this product. Made of fish oils and shrimp extract plus other Natural Ingredients. You almost couldn’t get more natural. I laugh as I write that but, it doesn’t smell and this powerful combo will surprise you! I am amazed by how this product treats my skin. An I recommend Earthen to everyone. It is recommended for all skin types. An has it’s own recommendation usage for each skin type.

Exfoliation of skin is so important to keep from break outs and having a great complexion. It also helps makeup application stay smooth and flawless. For myself 6 packs used 1X a month makes each application a little over $8! Yet InstantPeel gives you the feel of a $50 luxury exfoliating facial!

Learn more and get yours today at the link below:

Instant Peel Exfoliant

**Product was complimentary but, opinion is all my own!

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