Auperwel Hard Wax Heater and BEANS!


Hard Wax a new thing to you? For so long some Salons and aestheticians have refused to use it. It is a little more expensive than soft wax. But, has it’s own benefits in skincare.

Hard Wax vs. Soft Wax:

Soft wax is good for bigger parts on the body. Such as legs. You can spread more out and use the muslin cloth to pull out fine hair and top layer of dead skin. Still probably the best for Brazilian waxes.

Hard Wax is best for smaller areas such as facial hair. It is great for bikini area as well. Since hard wax just grabs hair and doesn’t pull off so much dead skin. It is better for sensitive skin and areas. Perfect for face.

For most salons and aestheticians it isn’t always the most affordable Product to stock. Hard wax usually cost a little more. However if you have a client with extremely sensitive skin who Normally couldn’t get waxing done. Learn that some women are finding out hard wax is an option for them. Also, it works great on course hair. Hello Men!

Check the bloggers, Instagrammer’s, and social media beauty influencers, you’ll see hard wax as the next big thing. It is easier for myself to control this wax. Which may make it easier waxing at home for many women who like to do their own lip and eyebrows.

Auperwel Hard Wax Heater makes it super fast and convenient. Coming with 4 bags of wax beans made from good for your skin beeswax and coconut oil. Plus, sticks to apply. You have everything you need and ready to go as soon as you get your Auperwel Wax Heater in. For an entire bag of beans to melt took only 15 minutes tops! It has Professional heat and temperature control Gage to get them to melt quickly. An warmer stage to keep it melted but, not to hot for skin and ready to use when needed. So this would be great for a spa/salon too. An FDA and FCC approved. It has an automatic turn off so safer to use when busy.

I love the fact you don’t need muslin cloths. An it does harden so no worry about knocking over a mess when it’s off an not using it. Accidents happen.

How to use Hard Wax:

The trick to hard wax is putting it on thick. Allow to dry only 10-15 seconds depending on thickness. Where it is still warm yet not sticky. The warmth helps open up pores so hairs come out easier. Bonus, less skin pulled off! Still apply a baby oil or your favorite after wax skin solution.

Check out my How to and review video on YouTube.

Get your Auperwel Wax Heater Today at the link below:

Stay Smooth My friends. Summer is fast approaching!

Your BFF in Beauty-Fitness-Fashion,


*paid post and complimentary Product but, Opinion is all my own!


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