Sagaform USA; Nature & Beauty meet’s Functionality!

Had a Great time showing off @sagaformusa this weekend. I Hosted a little Herbs and Italy dinner party! A Scandinavian lifestyle Company with home and kitchen Products. More photo’s from the party on my Instagram.

A Couple construction guys, stay at home mom’s, g-mas, and kids! All found functionality fun an appealing! Great gifts for other’s as house warming, holiday’s or for your own home. It’s about simplicity & nature. I personally am going to be adding a glass dome cheese tray to my collection.

The porcelain Herb pot is self watering so you just need to fill the bottom and watch your herbs grow!

I absolutely love the functionality and modern look of the design. Because, I cook with fresh and dried herbs. I love having this Herb pot in my kitchen. They had other design’s with two pots together so I can’t wait to add to my collection.

The Herb scissors work great! Better than normal scissors to finely chop herbs to use fresh or dry and keep. Much needed for all the herb lovers!

The 3 pairs of shears really make all the difference.

The pasta server also has a handle that holds 2 servings of pasta. So it measures! An after serving your pasta you can use the same utensil to grate your fresh parmesan cheese!
A 3-in-1 kitchen tool! Less dishes to wash was my first thought. This Sagaform serving tool is my favorite of my kitchen now.

It’s convenient to grate fresh garlic and other roots like Ginger while cooking. Makes it easy with a smaller handle to hold and sharp grating. Beats having to get out a big grater and make more dishes.

Finally, the Pizza Scissors are the most fun. Now they didn’t work the best on thin crust that was a little crispy. We put them to the test! But, did work perfectly on soft and thicker crust. Not to mention they look fabulous decorating the kitchen. An was the instant conversation piece everyone had to try!

Definitely check out Sagaform; a brand that steps away from the competition with beauty, function, and nature!

Thank you @tryazon for this opportunity to host and learn about this amazing Company

Stay Healthy and Happy Stylista’s

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***Products were free but, opinion is all my own!

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